SoulCycle Could Be Ruining Your Sex Life, According To Scientific Study


We have some really bad news for all those SoulCycle fanatics out there.

A 2012 scientific report published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine proves that bicycle seats can put a large amount pressure on the perineum. This compresses crucial nerves and arteries, which leads to loss of sensation and other problems.

The study, which expanded on a previous one that compared the genital sensations of female runners to the ones of female cyclists, analyzed the female cyclists from the original group.

Basically, they discovered sitting on the bicycle seat can numb your vagina, but it should be noted that if you're a man, cycling for long periods of time can also produce temporary or prolonged erectile dysfunction.

And a numb vagina plus erectile dysfunction equals bad sex.

According to Harvard Health Publications, a narrow bike seat can reduce blood flow to the penis by as much as 66 percent, and even a broad seat may reduce flow by 25 percent. The same processes account for bicycling-related sexual problems in women.

For women, the level of the handlebars can determine the amount of decreased sensation in your pelvic floor muscles.

The study proved handlebars positioned lower than the saddle were significantly associated with increased perineum saddle pressures and "decreased anterior vaginal and left labial genital sensation."


So it looks like Ariana Grande doesn't need a "dick bicycle" to get her walking from side to side. A normal bicycle will do the job just fine.

But I wouldn't go cancel all of your SoulCycle classes lined up for the next week. Harvard Health Publications assures us it "mainly applies to people who cycle a lot."

There are also some helpful tips for those who don't want to give up biking to preserve their sexual function.

The tips include using a wide, gel-filled seat rather than a racing seat, raising your handlebars and wearing padded biking pants.

That's hardly sexy, is it?

I guess there's nothing like padded sports underwear to stop erectile dysfunction.