7 Realities Of Juicing You Need To Prepare For If You Want To Survive A Cleanse

Juicing has been advertised as a great way to lose weight and detox, especially during spring and summer.

But as it happens with any health trend, juicing is not as simple as it sounds, and it comes with a lot of challenges.

When I tried juicing, I was planning to detox my body over three days, and I learned a lot of realities about this practice.

One of the main things is juicing can be highly dangerous if it's not done right.

So, here are seven realities no one tells you about juicing:

1. You need to prepare everyone for juicing.

When you decide to go for juicing, you have to let your family and friends know about it.

The reason for it is simple: There will come a moment when you will feel like starving, and you will ask everyone to bring in food. If this happens, the entire juicing fast fails.

Another important reason for telling your friends about juicing is that you don't want anyone asking you if you want to take a bite off a burger when you're sipping from your apple juice.

2. Weight loss is inevitable.

Not all people who start juicing want to lose weight, but you will shed the pounds.

Juicing alone is not a particularly healthy way to lose weight, especially for those who want to lose a lot.

This is because juicing gives you a lot of vitamins and fibers, but few proteins. Without proteins, you might lose muscle mass, which is definitely not what you want.

3. You will think about juicing recipes all the time.

When you take up juicing, you will start thinking about recipes all the time.

Your mind will be busy thinking which apples are best for juicing, which fruits can be added to a green juice and how to hide the horrible taste of celery in your next juice.

Juicing will take over your entire existence, and you will become obsessed with it.

4. Don't even think about leaving the house during juicing.

When you are juicing, you will have to go to the bathroom every five minutes. Basically, you will be linked to the toilet, so you can't leave the house.

On the first day of juicing, things are normal, but from the second day, you will stick to the bathroom.

Another fact is, juices have to be made on the spot.

At least, this is my opinion, as the juices left in the fridge changed their taste. It might be just me, but be prepared to have a close bond with the juicing machine.

5. Your daily habits will change unexpectedly.

Most advertisers say you will feel energized from the second day, but from my experience, the said energy never showed up.

Instead, I began to feel hungry all the time. Another side effect was waking up earlier than usual and not missing coffee.

6. Juicing is expensive.

Cruel, but true.

Green juice requires big amounts of greens, but all juices require lots of produce.

With four juices a day for three days, this means lots of trips to the store, where you'll find yourself buying fruits and vegetables worth around $30 to $50, depending on where you do your shopping.

7. It's hard to go back to solids.

After a three-day juice cleanse, it's hard to return to solids. Your body will become used to liquids so much that trying to eat something solid will make your nauseous.

Your mind will also play tricks on you, telling you that you have to continue juicing.

Returning to normal eating can take a lot of time and patience, and you might feel sick during this time.

At the same time, you will get to know your own body better and discover what works best for you and what doesn't.