7 Workouts You Can Do In The Pool That Don’t Involve Swimming A Single Lap

Back in college, my roommate was a swimmer, which meant I was routinely woken up by her 5 a.m. alarm each morning that alerted her to get up and hit the pool to swim some laps.

I was constantly in awe of her dedication. I mean, I can barely motivate myself to get out of bed for breakfast, let alone to swim 100 laps around a freezing pool first thing in the morning.

However, I've always been intrigued by workouts you can do in the pool. I'm kind of into that whole not-breaking-a-sweat-because-you're-underwater thing.

Yet, no matter how much I try to will myself to like it, swimming laps just isn't my thing. It's boring, I get out of breath, and it's just tedious AF.

If you're like me, here are seven workouts you can do in the pool that are completely lap-free.

1. Bicycle

I'm a big fan of bicycle core work on dry land. I always incorporate these bad boys post-cardio, and I love feeling that oblique action.

Take this aerobic exercise to the water to really amp up the intensity.

By gripping on to the side of the pool, this workout will add a little extra burn to your core, shoulders, and legs.

2. Leg Lift

You may be leaning back on the pool edge for this one, but don't be fooled -- there's nothing easy about this exercise.

You know the drill with classic leg lifts, but trust me, being submerged in water will provide an extra-chlorinated challenge for your hard-working bod.

3. Noodle Crunches

If you thought your days of using those floppy noodles in the pool were way behind you, think again.

Dig that bad boy out of your backyard and get to crunching. This workout actually requires a lot of balance and coordination, so you won't just be working your abs; you'll basically be an acrobat in training.

4. Ladder Pull-Ups

Paddle over to the ladder and pump out some pull-ups.

If you typically struggle with pull-ups during your normal gym sesh, this will be a nice change of pace for you because the water helps to support your weight, allowing you a fuller range of motion.

Take this time in the pool to master your form so you can show off your hard work later in the weight room.

5. Ladder Tricep Dips

If you're already taking a dip in the pool, you may as well turn it into a tricep dip, amirite?

Again, the water will give you that extra support you need, so you can dip for days.

6. Underwater Sit-Up

For these submerged sit-ups, be sure to get a towel or a blanket to rest your calves on so you're not in any pain.

Also, no need to dunk your head under the water each time you come down from the crunch.

Or, maybe you'll want to if you're breaking a sweat and need to cool off. I won't judge.

7. Water Jogging

Walking or running in the shallow end of your pool is an amazing way to tone your thighs.

It may seem easy at a glance, but trust me, fighting against the water is no easy feat.