How Your Native American Zodiac Sign Can Help You Understand Yourself Better

by Rosey Baker
URS Siedentop & Co

Even if you're an avid lover of astrology, you probably haven't heard of birth animals, but if you're someone who doesn't relate to your astrological sign, you might find this more helpful.

Some Native American symbolism uses birth animals instead of the western astrology to encompass character traits and descriptions of the personality. Many different cultures have different versions of astrology, using the yearly calendar to describe human characteristics, from Vedic astrology, to the Chinese zodiac, to Western astrology.

Each of these is different, and can be used to understand yourself on a deeper level.

Read on to find yours:

Otter: Jan 20 – Feb 18

Alex Hibbert

Otters are proud, offbeat and original individuals, who use unconventional methods to get what they want. They might come off as unusual, but their ability to take a different approach makes them excellent problem solvers.

Their sensitivity and attentiveness make them good friends, honest and reliable to those who count on them.

They do require solitude, and when they spend more time alone than with others, an independent streak can make them rebellious, isolated and a little harsh toward others.

Wolf: Feb 19 – March 20

Terry Schmidbauer

The wolf is a contradictory character. While they are loving and emotional, they need their freedom and do not take well to being told what to do.

They have a deep need to give to others, and because of their generous nature, they desire more than anyone the exchange of giving and receiving love in abundance.

Driven by their emotions and their need for love, they also fiercely guard their independence and don't like to feel too tied down, which can provide some conflict in their personality and in their relationships.

Falcon: March 21 – April 19

Marilar Irastorza

This symbol is a born leader, always ready to take the initiative, but they are not compulsive.

Blessed with good natural judgment, the falcon is great to have around in a crisis because they will inevitably get stuff done.

Their natural ability to lead can make them appear arrogant, which is annoying because their opinion is usually correct. They are deeply passionate, supportive and good at maintaining relationships over a long period of time.

Beaver: April 20 – May 20

Raymond Forbes LLC

The beaver has a cunning and sharp mind. They are quick thinkers, good problem solvers with an attitude that favors maximum efficiency.

They're able to adapt and overcome any situation to get the job done and this makes them a powerful force to be reckoned with when it comes to business.

They can be held back at times by their “my way or the highway” attitude, but are blessed with a compassionate, loyal character that balances out any controversies they may create.

Deer: May 21– June 20

Evan Dalen

The deer is lively and energetic with a sparkling personality and quick wit, making them extremely funny.

They're the kind of people you'd want at a party, as they make any conversation more lively with their entertaining personality. Their intelligence makes them charismatic AF, people are drawn to them for their warmth and their humor.

The can be self-involved because of their need to be the center of attention, although they're usually able to avoid taking responsibility for this because they're so friendly.

The deer can be afraid of conflict, and may run from more serious situations, which makes them appear to be two-faced.

Woodpecker: Jun 21– July 21

Brian Koprowski

The most nurturing of the symbols, the woodpecker is supportive, empathetic and caring, but also can be extremely jealous and possessive.

They are ideal when they can put their nurturing qualities to work, because of their ability to listen and understand without judgment. This makes them reliable partners and friends.

The woodpecker is known to be frugal and thrifty, with a talent for organization and budgetary planning.

Salmon: July 22 – August 21

Jovana Milanko

The salmon is a live-wire with an infectious energy that's hard to ignore.

Much like actual salmon who swims against the current, they are goal-orientated with a need to find and chase their purpose in life.  Those who encounter them will struggle to resist being swept up in their enthusiasm for whatever project they have chosen.

They are stable and calming by nature, and with their drive and enthusiasm, they can be sensual and passionate partners.

Bear: August 22 – September 21

URS Siedentop & Co

The bear is a practical hard-worker with a generous heart and selfless nature.

Exceptional judges of character, with an ability to see the truth behind the lies, they are often good mediators. Their calm and patient temperament can make them fantastic mediators in tense situations.

They're very modest and somewhat shy, preferring to work in the background or in a supportive role. They don't brag or boast about about their attributes or achievements so they're one of the few people you won't have to block on social media.

Raven: September 22 – October 22

Mihael Blikshteyn

The raven is an energetic, natural charmer, attractive and mysterious. They're both idealistic and diplomatic, creating a balanced and refreshing worldview among their friends and coworkers. They could be fantastic politicians.

A raven's easygoing and patient nature makes them natural born romantics, who are patient and intuitive in a relationship. They aren't likely to freak out for no reason, and much prefer to talk things out in a kind and caring manner.

Snake: October 23 – November 22

Xunbin Pan

The snake is believed to be the most spiritual of the birth animals, and those born underneath it are viewed as having a unique link to the spiritual world.

Thanks to this deep connection, they often seem not "of this world," and so can give off an air of mystery and secrecy and at times appear dark and frightening, much like their Scorpio zodiac counterparts.

In actuality, they are sensitive and caring people, passionate lovers and caring in a relationship.

Owl: November 23 – December 21

Shelly Perry

The owl is wide eyed, eager to try everything, inquisitive and curious.

It's difficult to pin them down as their personality, views and even life goals can change at a moments notice. They love to keep things spontaneous and have a love of adventure that makes them ideal travel companions.

Their easy-going attitude makes them ready to pick up and leave at a moments notice, but they're a friend to everyone (at least on a surface level) as they're able to adapt to most situations.

Goose: December 22 – January 19

Gabriel Diaz

The goose will achieve anything it sets its mind to and usually excel at it, as their tenacity and drive carry them through challenges.

They are competitive, but not motivated by approval of others so much as their innate desire to achieve success. They are determined and that can make them a bit obsessive.

Their obsessive and compulsive natures can make them prone to addiction, but they're also passionate, humorous and outgoing by nature.