This Playlist Of Songs By Badass Moms Is Perfect For Mother's Day


Between trying to decide where to take your mom for brunch, which type of flowers to get her and hunting down the perfect gift, Mother's Day can actually be really stressful.

Which is why we have something extra special to add to your Mother's Day: A playlist perfectly curated by New York-based trainer and playlist master Jason Tran.

As a spin instructor, Tran knows how to put together a playlist that will keep you pumped up throughout your entire workout (and you better believe he'll be playing this at his classes all weekend long).

But even if you don't plan on working out to it, this playlist is still a great way to show your appreciation for mothers everywhere: All the women featured on this playlist are moms!

So whether you're a Millennial mom, have a mom who's super up on pop culture and can appreciate the power of JLo or just want to get a mom-themed workout in this weekend, press play. I promise this will make your Sunday even better.

Have an awesome Mother's Day!