5 Ways To Go On Vacation Without Losing Your Fitness Routine

by Tracy Memoli

Staying fit while on the road: Well, doesn't that sound like an oxymoron? I know what many of you are thinking: It's impossible. How can travel plus food plus cocktails equal staying fit?

Well, if you do it right, it's possible to stay fit while you're sipping that piña colada on the beach. Whether you're traveling for work or leisure, here are five easy things you can do to help you stay fit while traveling:

1. Try to keep your routine.

If you start your day by working out, stick to it. While traveling, it's important to keep your fitness schedule when you can. If you miss your morning jog or gym routine, try carving out 10 minutes to stretch or meditate.

Not only will you feel better physically, but you'll also feel better mentally. You will feel less guilt when you indulge in that chocolate dessert with dinner.

2. Stay hydrated.

It can be challenging to drink enough water when we travel, but staying hydrated helps us feel our best (and that's important on any vacation).

There's even an app I love to use (whether I'm traveling or not) called Daily Water. The app has an alarm that reminds you to hydrate, and it also keeps track of how much water you drink on a daily basis.

Adding coconut water to your diet is also another great way to stay hydrated. Try having a glass before and after your flight, if possible. Did you know that since coconut water is high in potassium, it helps with muscle cramping? It also helps your brain and nervous system function properly.

3. Pack snacks.

It's always a good idea to pack healthy snacks while traveling. This will help with any unhealthy cravings at the airport or train station. I always pack a ton of nuts, especially cashews because they are known to be high in zinc. Low levels of zinc in the body are usually linked to stress and anxiety, so cashews are a great snack to have in your arsenal.

The night before, I also make my own date and nut snacks to bring with me while traveling. I bring dark chocolate as well, which is another mood-boosting food. Dark chocolate comes in handy because it's delicious, and you can also snack on it if you're on a nut-free flight.

4. Walk, walk, walk.

Whenever you can, walk. Not only will you get your heart rate up and feel better, but there is also no better way to experience a new city or destination than to walk through it.

Plus, this gives you the opportunity to stumble upon something you hadn't planned for. The best way to get to know a place is to get lost in it.

5. Don't deprive yourself.

This one seems like a no-brainer, but while you're traveling, temptation is everywhere. It comes in the form of a margarita, chocolate cake or beer-battered chicken wings. I say you should indulge. But balance your cravings.

If you're sipping on that piña colada (or two) on the beach, pass on dessert for the next two nights. If you want to have that key lime cheesecake for dessert, skip that extra glass of wine. If you want to enjoy that fettuccine alfredo, pass on snacking on the bread before dinner.

Life is all about balance, so food should be a balancing act too. Incorporating these little modifications to your diet while traveling goes a long way. After all, food is universal.

I believe there is no better way to explore a new destination than through its food. You can authentically learn about your travel destination's culture through its cuisine. The last thing you want to do is deny yourself the authentic food and drinks of the destination you're visiting.

So don't deprive yourself. Just manage your cravings.