5 Foods That Will Minimize Your Chances Of Skin Cancer This Summer

by Ursula Ambrose-Simpson
Ina Peters

Summer is here in all its sweat-inducing, sunshine-filled glory, and it's time for those pale, winter limbs to emerge from their cocoon of clothing into the sunlight. Unfortunately, many of us don't feel like butterflies at this time of year.

There is always an awkward readjustment phase in which you can't help but think, "I'm practically naked in this bathing suit." You're also being bombarded by a slew of conflicting, confusing and often overwhelming tips and advice.

Well, it's time to get ready for some more.

Fake tan sales have skyrocketed, and we're sandblasting our legs with exfoliants. But, are we thinking about getting our skin ready for summer in the best way? Probably not.

So, pick up those forks and raise those glasses because you can eat and drink your skin to being sun-ready.

A number of studies have suggested some foods may help in the prevention of sun-related skin damage. Now, you probably all know antioxidants like Vitamin C fall into this category. Heck you probably even threw some blueberries in your smoothie bowl this morning, and perhaps you even had some OJ in a mimosa over the weekend.

But, there's no need to stop there. Let me expand your munchie menu:

1. Red Wine

Not only does red wine contain apigenin and resveratrol, but it may also contain burgund mare (an extract you can get from red grape seeds). All of these may help save your skin from sun-related damage. So, this ruby nectar is a triple threat.

Grab a bottle and add some extra apigenin in by chopping up some apples cherries and grapes. I've never heard a better case for making Sangria.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric contains curcumin, which is another substance that can allegedly lower your risk of developing skin cancer. Now while you can buy an overpriced smoothie with this anti-inflammatory wonder spice (also linked to Alzheimer's prevention), the more fun option is to cook up an Indian food storm.

Yes, you're tired and have a million things to do, but which option sounds better: a night at the gym, or throwing an impromptu dinner party to get your "beach body" ready?

3. Pistachios And Peanuts

Grab a green gelato because pistachios contain resveratrol, as do peanuts. Yes, you heard it here hear first (because I'm guessing you don't start your day by trawling the medical journals). Peanut butter could seriously save your skin, and that's my kind of prescription.

4. Apples

There's no excuse you can make to not eat apples because they're the easiest type of fast food. Biting into an apple has been suggested as an emergency breath freshener, and it's also an easy way to up your fiber intake and beat that bloated feeling. Now, it's doing one better.

Quercetin, which could protect your skin from sun damage, is a flavonoid found in apples. If apples aren't you thing, onions also contain quercetin. So, read 'em and weep (while chopping them).

5. Soy And Flaxseed

Grab a flaxseed muffin because not only will all those delicious omega-3s make your hair shiny, but studies on animals also suggest that substances found in foods, such as soy and flaxseed, may help fight all kinds of cancer in general. In addition, it may help "prevent the spread of melanoma from one part of the body to another." I'm not sure about you, but I like the sound of that.

But remember, all that stuff your mother nagged you about as a kid still goes. Nothing is a substitute for covering up and slathering on sunscreen, so go treat yourself to a linen romper and some new shades. And never forget to slap on the SPF.