Fitness Blogger Shows That Posture Can Change Appearance

by Georgina Berbari
Drobot Dean/Fotolia

Raise your hand if you've been guilty of commenting "goals" under one of your fav fitness Instagrammers' photos. I know I have -- and even if you haven't literally commented, everyone's feed has likely been, at one point or another, flooded by "transformation" photos that go from "post-Thanksgiving dinner" stomach to professional body builder real fast. As much as I'd love to gain a "perfect" butt and badass biceps over night, that sh*t takes a lot more work than that. That's why London-based fitness vlogger Lauren Tickner's posts about posture and body confidence are so, so important in a world consumed by the idea of "perfection." Tickner recently posted three photos taken 30 seconds apart on Tickner's personal Instagram page, illustrating that posture is pretty crucial in changing the way your body looks.

And honestly, going back to that idea that you should work for a "perfect" body, what even is perfection? Last time I checked, it wasn't a sculpted six-pack or glorious glutes. There's no barometer for a badass body -- if your body works for you, it's more than perfect. Plain and simple. Even though many Insta-famous fitness fanatics claim that the only thing they're doing to achieve that influx of "goals" comments is lifting a little more -- and that extra set of reps is all that's transforming them into the epitome of the "fitspiration" trend — Tickner's post presents a more realistic behind-the-scenes view of what's really happening before anyone clicks "upload."

Elite Daily reached out to Tickner to get her personal thoughts on her transformative post and why she thinks it's so important to be aware of the power of posing. She says,

I created this post because I am so upset by girls constantly comparing themselves to what they see online. It breaks my heart. I used to be in that mindset, too, commenting 'goals' under people's photos. Little did I realize that 99 percent of these photos are, thanks to posing, lighting and camera angles!

"Posing is SO powerful," Tickner wrote to her followers on Instagram, "What you see of people on social media is NOT how they look 24/7 in real life! I know that if I arch my spine and pop my hip, I can make my stomach look flatter and my butt look bigger. Similarly, slouching and 'letting go' of my stomach after a big meal makes it appear more bloated: it's just how it is!"

Tickner reveals that you can literally make your body look so different just by standing differently.

Tickner tells Elite Daily that she thinks it's so important to use her platform not just to post aesthetic photos, but also less conventional photos, which aren't as stereotypically "flattering" because of all of those imaginary standards that the fitness industry sets.

She wants to show her followers that you should love yourself at any angle, and at any time:

I want people to realize that their social media 'idols' are normal people themselves, too... They're just people who have mastered the best angles! Of course, some people are naturally gifted, but I want to show people that 99 percent of us really do have to work to get into shape!

Bottom line: many of us may aspire to have the "perfect" physique of a stranger who has a completely different body composition than us.

Tickner is using her platform (and the hashtag #StrengthFeed), to show that there is no such thing as perfection -- especially when it comes to your individual, uniquely beautiful body.

She adds that being overly strict when it comes to fitness or striving for unattainable goals is no fun whatsoever -- which is why she created a training guide centered around changing your body and mind for the better:

Remember, you can't compare your chapter three to anyone else's chapter 300. I learned that in order to truly love myself, I must accept my flaws and learn from my mistakes!