This New Bracelet Is Basically A Fitbit That Can Help You Deal With Stress

Kayla SnellE

The struggle of figuring out how to balance your life is all to0 real for the average 20-something. In fact, Millennials are the most stressed-out generation.

Stress can do a real number on your physical and mental health, which can cause serious problems down the line. The truth is, all of these problems (including issues with blood pressure and depression) could be avoided if we started paying attention to stress levels sooner.

It would be impossible (or just really time consuming) to take note of how stressed out you're feeling at any given moment during the day, but Zenta — a new wearable — can do that for you and show you how to change your habits.

Like your regular old Fitbit or Apple Watch, Zenta tracks exercise and sleep. But it also goes a step further by monitoring your social media, text and email notifications by syncing with your phone. And it doesn't stop there. Based on everything it tracks, which also includes your skin temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and even menstrual cycle, it guides you through how to calm yourself down and shows you ways to improve your life balance.

One of the most awesome features is it lets you know when you're overstressed, and then guides you through breathing exercises while also vibrating in sync with your heart rate. How many times a day do you realize you're stressed, stop working and take a breather? Probably never.

This wearable is basically a mood coach that helps you build healthy habits that will replace your bad ones.

Using this kind of tool to avoid the consequences of the stress you endure every day could help you start improving your life now, instead of putting it off. It's so easy to say, "Oh, I'll start meditating when I find time." And of course, you never do.

A wearable like Zenta shows you the best time to start improving your mental and physical health is right now. Watch the video above to learn more about what the device is all about.