Eating More Of This Food Cuts Your Risk Of Death By 20 Percent, Study Says

by Robert Anthony

Looking to tack on a few more years to your existing lifespan? Turns out there's one particular secret ingredient you should be eating more of to ensure a longer, healthier life.

According to CBS, a new international study conducted by Imperial College London (ICL) suggests that eating more whole grains than you typically would can actually cut your risk of death and disease by a lot.

Dr. Daggfinn Aune, who led the research team at the institution, revealed to CBS,

What we see is that the more you eat, the lower the risk.

The study reveals,

Whole grains are defined as cereal grains where all parts of the grain, called the germ, endosperm and bran, are used. They include whole wheat and oats. Grains are one of the major staple foods worldwide and provide on average 56 percent of energy intake and 50 percent of protein intake.

Upping your whole grain intake can help you steer clear of a handful of different illnesses and diseases including diabetes, coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease.

The study also states,

The greatest benefit was seen for people who increased from no intake of whole grains to two servings per day. This is equivalent to 32g per day, such as 32g of whole grain wheat or 60g product per day, such as 60g of whole grain wheat bread.

Sign me up! I mean, how hard could scarfing down a few whole grain bread slices on a daily basis be?!

Shortly after ICL's study was released, Harvard University conducted a similar study concluding that people who eat three daily servings (or more) of whole grains automatically cut their risk of dying by nearly 20 percent.

The study suggests that you drop the refined carbs and pick up more hearty ones like bran, oatmeal and quinoa.

It might be time to revise that grocery list!

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