This Is How A Cold Shower Can Boost Your Metabolism, Because Yes, That Is A Thing

by Imani Brammer

Want to know a little secret?

You can rev up your metabolism just by stepping into your bathtub.


Yes, it really is true.

Science says taking cold showers actually increases your metabolism.

The cold water acts as a sort of shock to your body, kicking your cardiovascular system into high gear.

And, as a result, your metabolism gets jumpstarted for the day, as well.

Not only does the cardiovascular system go into full force, but your body also generally tries to fight off the cold water and generate more heat in order for you to function.

All of this work increases your basal metabolic rate way more than if you were to shower in warm, comforting, soothing water.

(Honestly, this cold water thing is a bit difficult to accept. It just doesn't sound as sexy as steam, amirite?)

When your body temperature dips, you go into non-shivering thermogenesis, a phase in which your calorie burn increases.

Your temperature will continue to lower, and then you will begin shivering, which is the body's way of generating heat.

I don't know about you, but I honestly had no idea that this is why people shiver, and my mind has effectively been blown.

However, the process doesn't stop there.

Shivering isn't the only part of the equation.

Cold showers also aid your metabolism by way of hormonal changes that trigger the production of brown fat, according to a 2014 study published in the journal Cellular Metabolism.

Brown fat is the fat that burns calories to produce heat -- unlike white fat, which stores calories.

Through this process, your metabolism increases, and the faster your metabolism, the better your body feels overall, as a high metabolism has a direct correlation to increased energy and better digestion.

Overall, the research tends to show that, the lower a person's body mass index, the higher the percentage of brown fat.

Now, this doesn't mean you should sprint to your tub and drench yourself in cold water for a half hour (hypothermia is still a thing, people).

Besides, cold showers definitely shouldn't be your sole reliance for a speedy metabolism anyway.

The keys to a healthy, rapidly moving metabolism will always be found in the food you put in your body, how much you get your body moving, and how much rest you allow yourself to get at night.

But in the meantime, a cold shower, at the very least, will keep you cool on these hot summer nights, right?