Coffee Can Actually Make Your Workout Better, Science Says, So Drink Up


If you're a Starbucks lover who needs a little motivation to get back to that Zumba class, we are here to provide good news that's just as sweet as your latte.

It turns out coffee can boost your workouts, so the next time you head to Planet Fitness, make sure you have a nice cup of Joe beforehand.

Look at science gifting us with fantastic findings! This is totally a practice we can all get behind. Let's be honest — does the treadmill really seem that inviting sans coffee?

Daniel Kim Photography

Not that you'd need any further convincing before trying out this method for yourself, but, just in case, we're here to provide.

According to The New York Times, caffeine makes it easier for your muscles to burn fat (score!). It increases alertness, which in turn makes that round on the elliptical seem less grueling.

As delighted as scientists were to discover this, some used to believe there is a catch — it only works if you give up coffee some time beforehand.

OK, OK, stop hyperventilating and listen to what Dr. Bruno Gualano, a professor of physiology and nutrition at the University of São Paulo, has to say. He identifies himself as a "good Brazilian" who loves a cup of Joe, so he is totally in the know.

To see if this frightening theory was true, Dr. Gualano gathered a group of 40 male cyclists for a study. After extensive questioning, riders were divided into groups — low, moderate, and high caffeine consumers. They all received caffeine pills that boosted their performance.

Dr. Gualano concluded that the workout results were the same for all consumers — light, moderate, or heavy.

He provided The Times with very promising news and said, "No matter the habitual caffeine intake in the diet, acute caffeine supplementation can improve performance."

However, he did mention that results might vary for women.

In honor of Dr. Gualano's findings, I'll go treat myself to a cappuccino... but Planet Fitness is kind of far away from my apartment, and it's raining out, so I'll save that whole pesky exercise thing for another day and just stick to getting my coffee.

I'll enjoy the workout perks at some point in the near future. Maybe.

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