There's Now A Drink That Has All The Benefits Of Coffee And Red Wine

Want your coffee with a side of red wine? This chemist has you covered.

Glen Miller, an organic chemist at the University of New Hampshire, created a coffee infused with resveratrol, a compound produced by grapes and found in red wine that is associated with heart health and possibly living longer.

This magical beverage, called CoffVee, reportedly has the same amount of resveratrol as a glass of red wine and is made with Arabica coffee beans. It's now available for sale at Vera Roasting, Miller's company.

Miller said,

Life's short. This is a fun thing to do. I'm going to run with this and see where it goes.

Amen, buddy.

Resveratrol isn't the only thing that makes CoffVee healthy. In case you haven't heard, coffee is loaded with health benefits.

Not only does coffee perk you up and give you energy, but studies have shown it also busts stress, can help prevent cancer and can lower the risk of depression.

Did I mention the caffeine in coffee can do away with those pesky under eye circles you hate so much?

Some research needs to be done on Miller's delicious-sounding beverage before it can be declared a miracle drink, but for now, I'm intrigued, very intrigued.

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