Lifestyle — How To Bounce Back From Bad College Habits

While college can be the most rewarding and exciting time of your life, it can also be the unhealthiest.

In addition to the binge drinking and late-night partying, many college students pick up a multitude of bad habits they carry with them even after they graduate.

A study conducted out of Northwestern University found 95 percent of college students don't eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables.

Add that to the 60 percent of students who don't get enough exercise, and you've got bigger problems than just the dreaded “Freshman 15.” Left unattended, these habits can spiral into bigger issues, like obesity and even cancer.

But it's not just unhealthy diet and exercise routines post-college graduates struggle with. College norms like staying up late, sleeping in and even procrastinating can be hard habits to kick and can affect young adults' health and general success once they enter the real world.

So, put down the Solo cup and nachos, and take a look at the video above for more tips on how to finally break those bad college habits.

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