If You'd Rather Be Alone Than Go Out, It's Because You're More Intelligent

Danil Nevsky

Socializing is for SHEEPLE, people, and now we have scientific proof.

A study published by the British Journal of Psychology has confirmed what introverts have known all along: Attending social events is for people who are less intelligent.

The study examined 15,000 people of different racial backgrounds, financial statuses and gender and sexual orientations who were aged 18 to 28, and it found people who socialized more were happier, with the exception of those who had a higher level of intelligence.

According to the study,

More intelligent individuals experience lower life satisfaction with more frequent socialization with friends.

This could be because intelligent people are more focused on long-term goals, and socializing with others tends to majorly distract them from their all-important plans.

An evolutionary explanation of this is that while socializing was useful when human beings were hunter-gatherers, intelligent people, having actually evolved faster than the rest of us, adapt better to life with less interaction from others.

If you're someone who hates going out to social events but acknowledges socializing is still something that contributes to your overall well-being, you can use this study to your advantage.

First, choose your events wisely.

The next time you're feeling isolated, instead of heading to a club or a bar, choose an event that you feel contributes to your long-term plans, like a protest, a networking event or a workshop of some kind.

That way, you won't feel like your efforts to fill that social void are being wasted on frivolous things like emotional connection.

While this might sound as though I'm mocking you, science has proven that you're a bright, shining diamond, and you certainly don't deserve to leave a party feeling less like a genius than you did when you arrived.

So the next time your BFF tries to bug you about your lack of a social life, you can tell her she doesn't understand because she's a dummy.

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