4 Astrological Events That Will Change The Way You View Love In 2017

by Rosey Baker

Sure, 2017 might be up in the air politically, but it's certainly shaping up to be a whole lot better of a year than 2016 (at least for our collective love lives) according to the stars.

Of course, it's not all rainbows and butterflies, and there will be challenges, but the zodiac is poised to feed us the positive energy we need in order to stay open to the possibilities.

So, without further ado, here's what the stars have in store for us (romantically speaking) in 2017.

1. Jupiter in Libra: It's time for your relationships to evolve.

Jupiter is a planet of expansion and Libra is the sign of partnership, justice and equality, so get ready for dynamic shifts in the way you approach partnerships and the way you operate in them if you're already attached.

You might evolve your ideas on what creates balance in relationships.

You could learn what works for one partner may not necessarily work for the other, and because Jupiter is an outer planet, we'll be seeing this shift happen worldwide.

So, if monogamy isn't your thing, you may begin to embrace the idea of polygamy for you or for your partner without the same resistance you've always felt.

Jupiter in Libra expands and evolves our views on love and partnership, which have already been on this path for some time now -- with the legalization of gay marriage and LGBTQ+ rights becoming more and more a part of our national discussion.

2. Venus in retrograde: You'll see thing more clearly.

It might seem like Venus (the planet of romantic love) moving backward in the sky doesn't bode well for relationships, but the opposite is true.

Although the spirit of compromise may be absent in a relationship during this transit, we do learn to see things more clearly.

This is when we discover we may have been too idealistic about a relationship or a partner.

Between March 4 and April 15, we'll have the perfect opportunity to blow open any myths we've created about our partners, to thoroughly review our past and to see where we may have re-written the history books or ignored the plain truth.

Then we can use that information to make our decisions moving forward... although I wouldn't recommend making any big ones during this transit.

3. Jupiter in Scorpio: Your passion will be intensified.

Jupiter transitions out of Libra and into Scorpio from October 10, 2017 until November 18, 2018, and the whole world will enter a period of intensified sexual passion unlike anything we've seen since the 1970s.

It's important to remember to use protection; Scorpio rules the sexual organs, and overuse or overindulgence in that department can always lead to trouble.

This transit rips through our old outdated ideas about sex, creating more liberal and outspoken views on the subject.

Scorpio, the ruler of the psyche, could influence us by creating more powerful discussions about consent.

4. Leo/Aquarius eclipses: You learn how to balance your head and heart.

Eclipses are periods of major changes in astrology, and the signs that these eclipses take place in are clues as to what kinds of changes are about to take place.

Having two eclipses in Leo -- the sign of the heart: warmth, generosity and epic romantic drama -- is a good omen for anyone in 2017.

Its influence encourages all of us to get it together and go after that person we want to impress, and to do it in a big way.

On February 10 and August 21, be prepared to check in with yourself about whom you've set your sights on and how you're going to tell them what you feel because you'll be full of ideas you didn't even know you were romantic enough to have.

Aquarius, the opposite sign from Leo, rules emotional detachment and will be there on August 7 for its own eclipse, just to cool us down and remind us that making a big move isn't always the best move.

This eclipse will give us the pause we need to think through any relationship decisions we might be prepared to make, creating a balance this year between the head and the heart that is necessary for building and maintaining healthy partnerships.