8 Things Every Anxious Girl Should Try To Stop Worrying About In 2017


Generalized Anxiety Disorder is a serious mental health issue that tends to be overlooked. Many people get nervous before a job interview or a date, and they automatically claim they have an anxiety disorder.

While anxiety can be somewhat self-diagnosed, there's a lot more to it than just getting nervous before a big event.

Anxiety affects a person mentally, physically and emotionally, and it makes life a daily struggle.

The anxious girl constantly has thoughts running around in her mind. Most of the time, these thoughts are created out of worry and fear, so they aren't actually “real” thoughts.

Here are some of the things that can run through an anxious girl's mind:

1. “Why is everyone looking at me and judging me?”

For the anxious girl, it's easy to be overly aware of the people around her. When she's walking through a shopping mall, she feels everyone else's eyes on her and she becomes extra self-conscious.

She thinks strangers are constantly watching her every move and making surface-level judgments about her appearance. In reality, these people aren't really paying attention to what she's doing because everyone else is too busy focusing on themselves and what they have to do.

2. “Did I just accidentally offend that person?"

The anxious girl is always worrying she said the wrong thing to someone. She overanalyzes conversations she had with her boss or her friend, and worries that she accidentally said something that will destroy her whole relationship with them.

But chances are, any minor thing she said was soon forgotten and wasn't a big deal in the first place.

3. “Do I have time to get there? Will I be late?”

Time is a huge, terrifying topic for the anxious girl. She worries about getting to appointments on time, having enough time to get something done and she usually needs social plans to be detailed in advance.

While this makes her a very reliable person, it also makes her feel crazy. It's difficult for her to let go of her need to control time, and it helps if others don't put her down for this.

4. “Is that person stalking me?”

If the anxious girl sees the same car driving behind her for awhile, she immediately jumps to the conclusion that she's being followed by a serial killer.

If the same person keeps “liking” all her pictures on Facebook, she automatically assumes they're stalking her. Anxiety and paranoia can run hand-in-hand, which makes it difficult to stay calm in certain situations.

Even though most of the time these stalking accusations are false, it takes a lot of convincing for the anxious girl to realize she overreacted.

5. “OMG, I made a typo in that email. I ruined everything.”

She accidentally left the “Sent from iPhone” signature in her email to her boss or used the wrong version of “their” in her job application email.

These are the types of things that make the anxious girl worry she ruined her whole life with the click of a button. Although noticeable typos can give someone the wrong impression of a person, minor typos most likely are overlooked.

6. “They aren't texting me back. Was I being annoying?”

The anxious girl sent a risky text to her crush and hasn't heard back yet. She starts to regret everything she said in the text message and overanalyzes what her crush could possibly be thinking.

She doesn't think about the fact that her crush might be busy or might be thinking of the perfect response. She only assumes the worst.

She does this all the time, but usually will get a response later on and see that her worries were all for nothing.

7. “It has been 15 minutes since his last response, so he must be dead or cheating.”

In a relationship, the anxious girl may try to stay calm, but little things can set her anxiety off big time.

If her significant other takes too long to text back when they usually respond in a quick manner, she jumps to terrible conclusions. She might assume that cheating is taking place, or she might even worry that her significant other got into a deadly accident.

While these situations can occur, it's not always the case. It's mainly just her overthinking and creative scenarios that aren't real.

8. “I wonder if that one person remembers that one embarrassing thing I did years ago.”

The anxious girl will lay in bed at night reminiscing on all the embarrassing things she's ever done in her whole entire life. She has trouble remembering what she had for breakfast that morning, but she can easily recall every single detail of an awkward conversation she had 10 years ago.

She worries that everyone else remembers her awkward fails as well, when most likely, those things have drifted from everyone else's memories.

If you struggle with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, please don't be afraid to seek guidance. Speak with a licensed therapist. Be open to discuss potential medication you can take. You can get through it one step at a time.