8 Sassy Fitness Products You Need In Your Life Right Now

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If you haven't been to the gym in months, first of all, I don't blame you.

It's been a long, cold, dark winter. Who wants to go to the gym when it's 14 degrees outside?

But now that bikini season is right around the corner, it's time to get back into the swing of things. You can't hide out in your apartment forever.

But thinking about going to the gym and actually doing it are two very different things. So to get you started, I hunted down some really awesome gym swag that will get you back on the treadmill in no time.

Don't believe me? Check these out.

This sweatshirt.


Buy it for $29.65 on ASOS.

This tote bag.


Buy it for $14.54 on Etsy.

This perfect purple tank.


Buy it for $25 on Amazon.

This delicious gym bag.


Buy it for $28 on Bando.

This mug for your pre-gym cup of joe.


Buy it for $15 on Mugnacious.

This running tank.


Buy it for $18.26 on Etsy.

This yoga hoodie.


Buy it for $76 on Bandier.

This squat-worthy tank top.


Buy it for $14.99 on Amazon.