7 Ways 'Power Poses' Can Improve Your Health And Your Work Life

by Angela Mujukian

Fake it until you become it, they said.

Thanks to my big brother, I am more confident and relaxed for interviews and tests in life. He introduced me to a fascinating video on Ted Talks about “power poses,” and it basically changed my outlook on life.

You think I am joking or absurd, right? Go ahead and laugh. But in a new age where “emojis” are the norm and abbreviations take a toll on communication, actions speak louder than words.

Ultimately, body language says more than your mouth, especially during job interviews and during exams. Sometimes, it's what you don't say, and what you do instead and how you do it is what matters.

You can be contraindicating your exact self while you speak if your body language is closed off, shrugged and timid appearing. Whereas, you can appear more confident if you are more open to communication.

The old saying fake it until you make it no longer exists. It's now, according to Ted Talks, fake it until you become it.

Here are seven ways power poses can improve your health and your work life.

1. It boosts your confidence

You don't want to show the job interviewer that you're doubting yourself and you've already not gotten the job before the interview takes place.

You want to be confident for that exam or interview and your body language will show it as much as you try to hide it.

2. It makes you seem reliable and trustworthy

If you can show off your power-poses, you are half-way proving to the person that they can trust you and be reassured that you won't let them down.

You can build relationships with colleagues knowing you're not high-strung, but can help improve their day to day activities in the workforce.

3. It brings relaxation to those who can believe in you

If you don't believe in yourself, then no one else will. Especially in a fast paced environment with a heavy workload, people need to know that not only can you get the job done, but you are reliable and can handle all the workload and excel within the time and space you are given.

4. It opens the doorways to communication

If you've got your arms and legs crossed, no one wants to share information with you nor speak with you, or they will hesitate. You want to let the other party know that you are here to listen and not judge.

5. It makes you more successful at work

Many agree on the benefits Amy Cuddy's global Ted Talk on power poses and how it's good for your business.

Business Insider says, “Research shows that even people born blind raise their arms in a V shape and lift their chins slightly when they win a physical competition.”

Hence, if you're in a job interview and show high-power poses, you are more likely to appear less hopeless and defeated. With high power poses, you are like any other mammal in the animal kingdom, standing to compete against your mate and prove you are more deserving.

6. Science says, high power poses boosts testosterone levels

According to Amy Cuddy's theory, sustaining high power poses in less than two minutes can increase testosterone levels by 20 percent.

7. Science says, high power poses decreases cortisol levels

This is probably the most important aspect that shapes the body and mind. If you are in a high stressful situation, your cortisol levels are through the roof.

Yet, if you are applying the power poses, you can somewhat trick the body and therefore, mind that you are in a relax environment. If you are more relaxed, then cortisol levels will decrease, maintaining a calm attitude and appearance.

If you are a nervous wreck, no one is going to want to hire you, let's just face it. It's easier said than done, but we all have to conquer our fears and it all starts with a power pose.

My personal favorite, “The Wonder Woman” pose will help you not only feel like Wonder Woman, but eventually become her as well (figurateively speaking), and allow you to tackle on tasks easily and with confidence.

Attitudes follow behavior as Cuddy preaches. If we believe we can, then eventually we will.

Body language and power poses is a skill one must master. Your initial impression of someone can actually be a lasting impression.

Listen to your parents when they tell you to sit up straight, and have good posture; it can sometimes make or break that interview.

Your posture and body language reflect your attitude, behavior, and thoughts that the mind cannot verbalize. If you show them that you are worthy and “powerful” to some extent, they will believe in you and trust in your success.

Integrity, merit and compassion can all be seen with power poses and can reflect positive or negative behaviors. It is up to you to choose how you wish others to perceive you and how you wish to perceive yourself.