7 Different Types Of Burpees To Try If You're A Beginner Looking For A Challenge

by Georgina Berbari

Fitness trends come and go (remember the Power Balance Bracelet? #TBT.)

New exercises enter the scene in the fitness world each and every day.

But some of the classics are here to stay -- whether you like it or not.

The burpee is one of those oldies that's proven time and time again to be super effective when it comes to enhancing your overall fitness routine and toning your bod.

It also happens to have this magical ability to automatically make you groan at the mere mention of its name.

I kind of wish that burpees would get out of my life forever.

But at the same time, the awesome results I tend to see whenever I consistently add them to my routine, say otherwise.

If you're a total burpee beginner, here are seven variations to lure you into the world of the most oddly named exercise out there.

And yes, you can all curl up into fetal positions and cry about it when you're done. I'll bring the tissues.

1. The Standard Burpee

It's like the vanilla ice cream of the burpee world: the foundation of it all, without any sprinkles or magic shell.

This classic foundational move combines a squat, a push-up, and a jump.

Ugh, I'm exhausted just writing about it.

Pro tip: Always remember to engage your core, and try to land softly to avoid injury.

So, you know, you can do more burpees (yay?).

2. Spiderman Burpee

I'm no Peter Parker, but I sure do feel like a superhero when I successfully complete 10 reps of these bad boys.

The spiderman burpee will tone your abs and make you feel like you got bit by a radioactive spider, just like in the comics (literally... I'm in pain; send help).

3. Single-Leg Burpee

I'll admit, just because you're subtracting a leg on this, it doesn't make the variation any easier.

Sorry fam, but that burn is real AF.

But so are the endorphins, amirite?

4. Side-Plank Burpee

This baby right here involves a combination of the OG burpee with a side-plank.

Holy coordination.

OK, yes, I'm being a bit dramatic. It's not as scary as it sounds.

Practice the exercises separately before combining the two, so you can be a pro and annoy your friends by showing off at parties (yes, I am that friend).

5. Tuck-Jump Burpee

Jump up as explosively as possible for this variation.

You know the meme that says the floor is gluten?

Yeah, like that.

6. Box-Jump Burpee

Yep, now you have to add some props.

Literally, SOS.

But, in all seriousness, this is a killer workout, and it'll give you so much satisfaction after you complete a few sets.

Make sure you can comfortably, and safely, complete standard box jumps before you embark on this combo.

Then get to it, you lil' jumping bean.

7. Weighted Burpee

Last, but certainly not least (there's a whole world of burpees out there... it scares the crap out of me), you've got the weighted burpee.

You will definitely feel the burn with this one. I can actually feel my muscles getting stronger within just hours of doing these exercises.

Am I exaggerating? Maybe. But adding these into your HIIT routine will work every damn part of your body like nothing else.

It's equal parts exhausting and effective -- hand over the free weights.