5 Ways To Use Aloe Vera That You've Probably Never Even Thought About

by Imani Brammer
Getty Images/Jim Purdum

You probably already know that aloe vera can promise a world of wonders for your skin. From working as a natural moisturizer, to soothing your reddest and most painful sunburns, aloe vera can be a total lifesaver when you need it. But, believe it or not, you may not know how to use aloe vera to reap all of its glorious benefits for your health, beyond just making your skin look and feel silky smooth.

That's right -- aloe vera can be used for so much more than just your skin. Check out these five unexpected ways to use aloe vera to add a dash of delight to your beauty routine.

1. It Can Get Rid Of Your Bad Breath

Aloe vera can handle your bad breath woes like no other. It works as an anti-inflammatory that soothes acid indigestion, which can cause bad mouth odor.

By consuming a daily dose of aloe vera gel diluted with water, you can easily help limit acid reflux while simultaneously improving your oral hygiene. Not bad, right?

2. It Can Be The Silkiest Shaving Gel You've Ever Used

Aloe vera gel is an excellent alternative for shaving cream because it goes on smooth and provides the perfect amount of slip without leaving you prone to pesky shave bumps.

Plus, shaving with aloe vera can help you steer clear of irritated skin while simultaneously promoting the growth of new skin cells.

3. You Can Use It As A Cooling Hand Sanitizer

If you're not a fan of the over-the-counter hand sanitizers out there and you're down to try a little DIY action, aloe vera would definitely be a key ingredient to have on hand.

To create your own hand sanitizer at home, all you'll need is essential oil, alcohol, and aloe. The aloe vera provides a boost of moisture as well as a satisfying cooling effect on the skin.

4. You Can Use It To Grow You Hair As Long And As Luscious As Ever

I'm a personal advocate for this one, as my grandmother would rub an aloe vera plant in my hair as a child.

From calming the itch in your scalp, to using it as a part of a deep-cleaning treatment, and even increasing blood circulation, aloe vera can essentially work magic on your luscious locks.

Aloe vera contains vitamins A, C, and E, all of which work together to help promote cell growth. The vitamin B-12 and folic acid also prevent your hair from falling out, so you can grow your locks as long as you'd like.

5. It Can Keep Your Breasts Looking Nice And Perky

I know, this one's probably the most surprising on the list.

Apparently, though, aloe vera can tighten your skin when the two come into contact with one another. The aloe improves collagen production and provides a perky, natural lift for your chesticles.

It's safe to say aloe vera is basically nature's bargain. Don't hesitate to reap all those benefits, baby.