5 Ways To Sneak Some Meditation Into Your Hectic Work Day

by Imani Brammer

Meditation is supposed to be one of those practices that brings you immediate relief.

However, for some reason, the thought of it tends to feel like just another task on the to-do list.

But the truth is, it really doesn't have to be.

Yes, it's an allotted time of peace and quiet, but instead of feeling like you have to halt all of your responsibilities to sit in unbearable silence, there are actually ways you can make meditation work so that it's a normal, more natural part of your day.

1. On Your Way To Work

If you take public transportation on your way to work, then this just might be the best time for you to plug in those headphones, turn on some ambient sounds, and zone out.

By the time you reach your destination (especially if you're commuting for more than 10 minutes), you'll feel renewed and ready to go with a totally clear mind.

Yaaas, inner Buddha.

2. Use That Lunch Break

If you're lucky enough to enjoy an hour-long lunch break, take 10 out of those 60 minutes to simply walk around the block.

Walking can put you in a complete meditative space. Breathe in the sights and sounds around you. Actually take the time to notice how the leaves sway ever so slightly in the breeze. Watch the people pass you by.

It really makes you feel in control when you're at peace while you watch everyone else scramble by. Take this moment to simply be alive.

You weren't alive this morning; you were rushing through the motions. Now, you owe it to yourself to just be alive.

3. Sit Right There

Yes, right there, right at your desk. There are apps and videos out there that feature short one, three, and five-minute guided meditations.

A quick closing of the eyes and solemn retreat to your inner peace may be all you need to bang out another couple of hours on that Excel spreadsheet.

4. Turn That Bathroom Break Into A Meditation Break

You are a human being, so no matter how much time you think you don't have, you are absolutely entitled to three to five minutes for a bathroom break.

Allow two, or even three, of your bathroom breaks to be meditation breaks if you absolutely have to step away.

5. Directly After Work

It's only natural to settle into your comfortable routine when you get home. You change into your comfy clothes, lounge on the couch with your loved ones, watch pointless television. Believe me, I get it.

Overall, your after-work goal should be to unwind from the tension and stress of the past several hours.

Unwinding is nice, yes, but mindful unwinding is even more powerful. So before you race to your car or the train, perhaps take just a few minutes before heading home to simply sit with yourself.

Trust me, by the time you get home and lounge on that couch, you'll feel so much better.