5 Reasons To Love The Natural Jiggles Of Your Body, According To A Fitness Guru

by Georgina Berbari

In a world of quick fixes, viral Instagram models, and unrealistic beauty standards, it can be damn near impossible to feel good about your body on an everyday basis. Everyone has experienced moments when they've found themselves scrolling through social media, comparing themselves to filtered, edited, seemingly "perfect" bodies, for no real reason. Fitness guru and Instagram sensation Sia Cooper, however, has made it her mission to change these ridiculous standards and show her own half a million followers on social media how to love your body the way it is.

Cooper became a certified personal trainer in 2015, and she now trains pregnant and postpartum women online via her Strong Body Guide. The guide features at-home workouts that can be done without a gym or equipment, and it comes with a strong support group of women online who motivate and uplift one another through their fitness journeys.

But recently, Cooper went even further than her fitness guide in her quest to spread empowering messages of body positivity and self-love. The incredible mama of two is using her Instagram platform, @diaryofafitmommyofficial, to emphasize that there is no "perfect" figure, by posting videos of the jiggles on her incredibly strong and badass body.

Here are five reasons Cooper loves the sh*t out of her body, jiggles and all -- and why you should, too.

1. She Realizes Her Body Does Exactly What It's Supposed To Do

Cooper tells Elite Daily,

We all take basic things for granted, such as walking, or being able to even dress ourselves each day. There are some people who will never even have the chance to walk, so it is important to take care of the body we have been blessed with.

Returning to simplicity and respecting the basic, but amazing functions your body can perform is a great way to spread that self-love not only to yourself, but everyone around you.

2. To Respect The Incredible Things Her Body Can, And Has, Accomplished

She explains,

I love my body jiggles and all for giving birth to two beautiful kids. They are worth every bit of jiggle and flab!

Amen, sister.

As women, I'm pretty sure if we can literally push humans out of our vaginas, we are capable of literally anything.

3. To Inspire Others To Love Themselves

Cooper's ultimate goal is for her social media posts to encourage and uplift women everywhere when it comes to body positivity.

She tells Elite Daily,

It can be so discouraging seeing perfected bodies all the time. This is why I did the jiggly video after getting bombarded with comments saying, 'You are so perfect!' Nope, I am not -- and that is OK!

Imperfection is sexy AF. Cooper's radiant confidence may make her appear "perfect" (whatever that even means), but that's just the result of her unconditional love for her body, inside and out.

Try making a list of all the things you love about your body -- especially the imperfections.

4. To Set A Positive Example

Cooper tells Elite Daily,

My Instagram completely changed after giving birth to my daughter and raising her. Nowadays, I ask myself prior to posting, 'How would my daughter feel about this post?'

This mama doesn't want her daughter growing up comparing her body to unattainable, photoshopped fitness standards -- so she's setting the kickass standards herself.

Guys, I think I've found my new idol.

5. To Celebrate Your Power And Strength

Cooper is empowered by her body for how strong it can be, and it shows.

She tells Elite Daily,

I was so ashamed after the birth of my first child when I could barely carry his 20-pound body from the parking lot to the inside of a Lowe's one day.  I asked my husband to hold him because I got winded.

From that moment on, Cooper says she started actually lifting heavy weights to get strong, rather than with the intention to "lose weight" or get "skinny."

She explains,

Now, I can carry my 40-pound and 20-pound toddlers in each arm without breaking a sweat. That, to me, is why I love my body.

Cooper is truly changing the way that bodies are portrayed in the media by showing that "jiggling" is 100 percent natural, and simply another thing that the body does, on top of all the other amazing things it's capable of.

Bottom line: You can love your body for exactly what it is right now -- strong, beautiful, and capable AF.