5 Pregnant Women Who Still Slay The Fitness Game, Baby Bumps And All

When I think of pregnancy, the first word that comes to mind is definitely not "pull-ups" (well, maybe the diaper kind, I guess).

Too many people believe that pregnant women should limit or avoid exercise completely.

But honestly, this couldn't be further from the truth.

It's actually 100 percent OK to continue making those #gains with a bun in the oven. A little bit of exercise can actually have a myriad of positive effects on both baby and mama, according to WebMD.

Even The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists insist that a baby-on-board doesn't have to stand between you and the barbells -- especially if you're already used to high-intensity exercise.

Here are five real-life superwomen who are the ultimate myth-busters when it comes to pregnancy and exercise.

1. Alysia Montaño

U.S. Olympic track and field athlete Alysia Montaño is truly the most badass woman I've ever seen.

A few days ago, she raced while pregnant at the USATF Outdoor Championships... again.

Yep, again. Montaño made headlines in 2014 when she raced the 800m while eight months pregnant.


This time around, she pounded the pavement at five months, beating her previous time by 10 seconds, and speeding through the 100-degree temps with ease.

Please teach me your ways, you gazelle-like goddess. I'm sweating just typing this.

2. Talia Sutra

Israeli yoga instructor Talia Sutra is the epitome of grace and elegance, even at a whopping 40 weeks pregnant.

She demonstrated true body control and subtle strength while practicing yoga throughout the entire duration of her pregnancy.

Sure, some people left weird comments on her Instagram posts, telling her she made them "so nervous" at the thought she might fall.

But Sutra continued to do her own damn thing throughout all nine months of her pregnancy.

And we loved every second of it.

3. Massy Arias

Certified fitness trainer and Instagram star Massy Arias is known on the internet for her incredible high-intensity workouts.

She didn't change a thing about her gym goals during her pregnancy -- from weight training to vinyasa to acro yoga, this mama does it all.

And, as you can see, she's even found unique ways to keep the workout flow going strong as a new mother.

BRB, going to try stroller burpees, or whatever the hell this intense workout is called.

4. Sara Wiss

Another woman who refuses to limit the word "pull-up" to Pampers is Swedish trainer, Sara Wiss.

Wiss' video of herself doing pull-ups at 41 weeks pregnant went totally viral back in January, and I mean, you can see why. Her form is flawless, baby bump and all.

#LikeAGirl is right... I've never been prouder to have a vagina.

5. Randi Greene

Last, but certainly not least, buti yoga instructor and founder of RLG Fitness Randi Greene proves that some extra weight in the belly area is NBD when it comes to achieving your fitness goals.

When she was still pregnant, she managed to execute seamless handstands, and now that she's had her baby, she's still finding ways to incorporate her little one into her workouts.

Greene shows that there's no reason why a woman's mama identity has to be separate from her fitness persona. The two can, and should, go hand-in-hand.

Plus, wouldn't you want to brag about how fit your mom is? I mean, damn.