7 Romantic Getaways To Take Your SO To Instead Of Home For The Holidays


Most people think of Christmas as a time for tradition, but sometimes you just need to shake it up a little. The perfect way to do that? Take your partner and travel to an exotic new location.

No awkward family members or difficult conversations about politics, no pressure about whose family to visit for Christmas. It's a break from all the worries and constraints of daily life, and you already have the days off.

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So, where should you two go?

Newport Beach, California

The coasts of Southern California offers lots of attractions, making it an ideal Christmas destination. The beautiful beaches and the wildlife are the perfect background for some relaxing days with your partner.


You can choose to go on a gondola ride or you can enjoy a cruise to watch the whales and other wild animals if you want to get on the water. You can go to a wine tasting or take a quiet walk in the Sherman Library and Gardens.

Los Angeles, California

Another California option is Los Angeles. Why? The city welcomes you with all the glitz and glamour, but without the wild traffic during this time. Most city dwellers are not natives, so during the holidays the city empties.

Travelers can enjoy the famous attractions and the five-star services, without having to struggle for a seat everywhere they go.

The Mexican Riviera

When you're looking for warm weather but you're on a budget, head toward the Mexican Riviera. A dollar can get you a lot more there than it gets you in other places, and the locals are very friendly.

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As for the beaches and the resorts, you can't imagine how beautiful they are. If you want to have a more private experience, skip the resort and get a rental home to enjoy with your SO.


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Speaking of warm weather and gorgeous sights, head to Barbados. The white beaches and the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean will make you forget all about snow and cold hands.

No need to spend your day shoveling snow from the backyard -- go enjoy enjoy scuba diving and sun bathing in Barbados.

Rovaniemi, Finland

For the couples who want to go in a less beachy direction, there's always Rovaniemi. This is the town where "Santa lives," so you can visit his house and tell him directly what you want to find under the Christmas tree. You can even sleep in an igloo.

Depending on your budget, you can try other snowy adventures, like going dog-sledding. If you take a walk around the town, don't forget to look up because you might witness the amazing spectacle of the Northern Lights.


Leipzig, Germany

Another European destination for Christmas lovers is Leipzig, Germany. This is the most famous holiday town in the country thanks to the lavishing Christmas markets it hosts. The city has hosted the Christmas markets since the 1400s, so they're basically experts.

Apart from being the capital of all things Christmas, Leipzig welcomes visitors with amazing architecture and tasty cuisine.

Penang, Malaysian Peninsula

The only Asian destination in this list, Penang is also a very calm place. Away from the large, crowded cities of Asia which embrace Christmas and take all the lights and decorations to a whole new level of madness, Penang offers a more traditional, quieter celebration.

There are some locals who celebrate Christmas, but the region truly has a nice balance between eastern and western traditions.