Simple Pre-Flight Trick Stops You From Getting Jet Lag On Vacation, Expert Says


Jet lag is a bitch.

Seriously, who wants to waste a decent amount of a vacation feeling gross, exhausted and fed-up while dealing with the time difference? Nobody, that's who.

Sadly, it's pretty much guaranteed you'll end up suffering if you go on a long-haul flight.


But there is something you can do to stop the inevitable, and it's ridiculously simple — so keep it in mind for your next vacation.

Health author and former doctor Sarah Brewer has given her jet lag tips in a video revealing the best ways to stay healthy while flying.

And the key to stopping jet lag is all in how you sleep, she explains.

She says,

Jet lag is a result of a disturbance in the body's 24 hour sleep-wake biorhythms and is most likely to affect those who normally follow an established daily routine. If you're flying east, try going to bed earlier than usual for several nights before traveling. If you're going west, stay up later. It takes between half a day and two days to adjust to each time zone crossed and breaking up a very long journey with a stopover for rest can make it easier to adjust.

Yup, it's really that simple.

As someone who's flying east from NYC to London next month, I'm definitely going to be sensible and go to bed earlier before my flight (JK, I'll be partying, but it's the thought that counts, right?)

Jet lag isn't the only health issue caused by flying, as Dr. Brewer details in the YouTube video, but most are fairly easy to treat.

Motion sickness is no fun, but if you're prone to it, just pop sickness meds before you fly, Dr. Brewer suggests.

You've also got to be wary of deep vein thrombosis, where blood clots develop in the legs, which is often associated with flying.

To prevent this from occurring, wear loose clothing and make sure you regularly get up and walk around the cabin.

Compression socks and below-the-knee stockings can also help, Dr Brewer says.

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