7 Unique Destinations Every Book Lover Should Add To Their Travel Wishlist

They say a book transports us to another world when we open its pages, and fortunately for readers everywhere, we're able to take our love of literature on the road when we travel.

What vacation's complete without a stop at the local bookshop? How could you pass up walking through a new town's library?

Literature is a safe space for everyone — something we all appreciate. So why not take a look to see how different cultures celebrate stories?

Whether you're finally taking that summer vacation you've been dreaming of or randomly planning a much-needed trip away from the office, check out these seven places that are sure to bring delight to every bookworm's heart:

1. The one-room reading cabin in the woods

What's better than snuggling up with a good book? Nothing.

The architects at Studio Padron certainly kept this mantra in mind while creating a one-room reading nook in upstate New York.

Forget camping — this wood cabin is the way to go. Now all we need with our Book of the Month selection is a hot cup of tea.

2. The shelves at sea

Grab a cannoli, a bottle of wine and a gondola to accompany you to Libreria Acqua Alta in Venice, Italy.

It's certainly one of the most romantic and unique bookstores I've ever encountered (OK, I haven't actually been, but I will some day).

How could you not peruse this shelf while the beautiful sea glistens alongside you? Italy is so magical, huh?

3. The bookstore on the barge

Combining a love of the sea with a love of a good story (much like Libreria Acqua Alta), Word on the Water in London is a busy barge with even busier shelves and social events like readings and music shows.

Add this to your London travel list!

4. The theater-turned bookshop

Have you seen a bookstore more majestic?

El Ateneo Grand Splendid in Buenos Aires was once the Teatro Grand Splendid. It was turned into a bookstore in 2000, and without a doubt, it's one of the most glamorous places to get lost in the stacks.

5. The Parisian go-to

Shakespeare And Company, the Parisian bookshop that incorporates writers' residences, is tres chic and most definitely deserves a visit when you indulge in a French vacation.

6. Hem's house

Next time you're in Florida, take a tour of Ernest Hemingway's house for a little literary inspo.

It's beautiful, tropical and it might persuade you to create your own version of "The Old Man and the Sea."

7. Poe's place

Take a tour of Edgar Allan Poe's home in the Bronx if you need to get some spooky stories flowing. Just try not to go insane while you're there.

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