Gin-Themed Hotel Is Perfect Place To Hide Out While Your Friends Do Dry January

The Distillery

Yeah, OK. We get it: You're doing Dry January.

BORING. Please, make me yawn more.

Also, move on: This article isn't for you. This article is for the thirsty.

It's for those who celebrate the festive holidays from December to December. It's for the ones who stand up and shout, "Yes, I drink more alcohol than I probably should BECAUSE LIFE'S TOO SHORT, DAMN IT!"

This gin-themed hotel is made for people like you.

Yes, you read that right.

Gin-themed. Gin. Themed. G&Ts. Gin and juice. Gin on the rocks.

ALL THE GIN. It's yours.

The hotel is called The Distillery, and it's literally just a phone call or click away to book. *Stares at mobile phone with thirsty gin eyes*

The old pub has recently been transformed into this magical kingdom of alcohol. It's based in Portobello Road in Notting Hill, London. I can promise you, it doesn't get more Hugh Grant than that.

The Distillery

You can book this fantasy world for around $150 a night, which is an absolute steal for a niche hotel right in the heart of The Big Smoke. (You can thank the post-Brexit exchange rate for that.)

It has some chronic features too, including a gin museum and a 400-liter gin still.

The Distillery

There's a gin experience center, an on-site shop where you can buy your booze and two bars.

TWO BARS. One has a Spanish theme to it, with imported gin. You probably didn't know the Spanish are the largest consumers of the stuff.

In addition, there's a boardroom for businessmen who are feeling saucy and have no real business to attend to... other than gin.

The Distillery

The best part of the Distillery is there are only three guest rooms. So, it's basically like taking part in the best house share ever, with people who love to knock back the big G.

Heaven is real, and it's in London.