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This Self-Proclaimed Sunglasses Advocate On Why Shades Will Always Be Summer’s Most Important Accessory

By Audrey Williams

Summer has its own magical feeling. Warm weather, longer days, and weekend trips with friends all inspire us to live a little more freely. It also inspires us to dress a little more freely, too. Free-spirited style is different for everybody this time of year — some embrace barely there outfits while others go all out with bright, bold accessories — but for LA-based influencer and creative Everett Williams, free means one thing: style that feels alive.

That’s why, in partnership with Sunglass Hut, Williams is showing us how he makes the most of his summer style, starting with his favorite seasonal accessory: sunglasses.

“I have well over 50 [pairs of sunglasses]...I love having the collection of them to choose from every time I put an outfit together,” he says. “I'm not going to lie; I have actually had [rideshares] turn around because I forgot them at home.”

With such dedication to his West Coast summertime aesthetic, it makes sense that the rest of his style follows a beachy vibe. This time of year you can usually spot him in all-white and neutral looks, he says. “I am not that person against white before Memorial Day, but for some reason I do reach for those white shorts, white shirt, and white shoes during the summer months.”

Even though he keeps his palette clean and classic, he makes sure to find a way to inject a fun dose of personality into these chill looks. For Williams, that means extra accessories. This pair of updated Ray-Ban frames with a unique hexagonal shape were just the trick.

“I wanted to keep things very neutral, and let the frames really shine in this look,” he says. “Especially when you have a beautiful setting behind you and an amazing pair of sunglasses, you want to let them shine, so I kept the look very casual and simple.”

Of course, there are the days when he wants something a little different, but even then he reaches for a new pair of sunglasses with an unexpected detail.

“I love the gradient lens on the Michael Kors frames the most,” he says. “I've always been very attracted to gradient frames. I love how you can see reflections in the lens. It's really a nice touch that separates them from any regular aviator frame.”

It may seem like he’s extra passionate about the accessory (he considers himself a “sunglasses advocate”), but that’s because to him they’re more than just that.

“Sunglasses don't just add to an outfit and look great, but they also serve such a huge role in protecting your eyes from the sun,” he said. “They're easy, they're good-looking, they fit anywhere, and they protect you. How can an accessory get any better than that?”

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