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9 Knit Hoods Made For Winter Weather & Keeping You Warm

Balaclavas, snoods, and beanies, oh my!

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A new trend’s taking over the TikTok waves, and it’s ideal for a cozy and warm way to ride out winter. Rather than a beanie, the move to fend off the cold is a knit hood, better known as a snood. It’s a hat and scarf combined into one, and you can even get some with masks for extra protection from the wind. No freezing off your ears or neck this year.

There are many types of hoods and snoods out there, each with its own slew of names. A cowl is a hood that airs on the looser side while a balaclava is tighter and usually also covers your nose and mouth. But no matter what name your new hood goes by, you’ll find yourself warm and fashionable every time you rock it.

Luckily, a snood by any other name is still as easy to style, no matter how vibrant or plain your winter coat is. An over-the-top hood will pop even with the most out-there patterns or you can snag a more classic, solid-colored snood to stay more undercover. No matter what look you go for this winter, you’ll want to wear your hood every day you can.

The first TikTok I saw that made me demand a hood was @theseriesny. The shop was founded by Ella Wiznia and involves only products created with pre-existing and found materials. The video currently has over 3 million views, and more than 350k likes. The drop also sold out in just one day, so it’s safe to say that these hoods are the latest must-have item on the fashion side of TikTok. While the Series is currently sold out of its flower, knit hoods ($80, the Series), you can keep an eye out for the next drop or try one of these other options below.

For a relaxed fit, Anthropologie’s Hooded Snood ($25, Anthropologie) is similar to an oversized hoodie but has extra fabric around the neck for even more warmth. It comes in two neutral colors, both of which would be great for creating a monochromatic look.

Oliver Bonas’ Knitted Hood ($37, Oliver Bonas) is a candy-colored, pastel snood that comes with drawstrings, so you can cozy this up as you need. While this look is more bright and vibrant than others, the soft color palette is still easy to match and won’t overwhelm your outfit.

As a lover of chains, I don’t like wearing anything that makes me hide my accessories from the public eye, and ASOS’ Snood ($18, ASOS) is ideal for any and all jewelry lovers. While still offering plenty of protection for your neck, the hood ends at the collarbone to let your long hair or necklaces peak out.

It doesn’t get any comfier than LadyVCreationz’ Hooded Cowl ($14, Etsy). These thickly, knitted hoods come with a mask feature to beat any wind chill. You can also get this in one of seven colors that range from black to hot pink.

To get more of a scarf-like feel, MONIGDesign Black Hood ($47, Etsy) features a long scarf detail for those who like to play with length, and with a faux-fur material that couldn’t be any softer. MONIGDesign’s also a five-star rated store, so you know you’ll get exactly what you want.

If you have sensitive skin or fine hair, you’ll want a snood that doesn’t pull or irritate your skin. That’s where Burton Women's Cora Hood ($42, Sports Unlimited Inc.) comes in. It features chafe-free seams that won’t tangle your hair or redden your skin.

Linen Purity’s Knit Balaclava ($27, Walmart) will be there for you through all winter activities. Its fleece-lined, windproof design promises protection whether you’re skiing, running, or just taking a stroll around your neighborhood.

You can look like a little frog with Molly Designs Finds’ Balaclava hat ($14, Etsy) and wear it in two different styles. When you want to go undercover, you can go full balaclava, but if you need more room to breathe, you can roll up the lower mask to create a beanie.

With any and all of these knit hoods, you’re about to be one of the most stylish people on TikTok.

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