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This New App Might Just Get You Your Best Bra Fit Yet

A different reason to burn your (old) bras.

Courtesy of Wacoal

You’re probably all too familiar with the telltale signs of an ill-fitting bra. Breast tissue spilling over your cups. A whole bunch of empty space up top. Straps that ride up your back or dig into your shoulders. It’s the literal worst, but that’s the name of the game, right? At least if you want to avoid measurements and math. That might not be the case anymore, though. On May 18, intimate apparel brand Wacoal released their new app, mybraFit, in an attempt to revolutionize the way people size and shop for bras.

For a long time, few ways to determine an accurate bra size existed, save for visiting a physical location to have a professional measure your band size and cup size or doing your best to measure yourself at home. “Traditionally, being measured for a bra is done in person and starts by taking two measurements. Then, there is a simple calculation that is done to translate the measurements into an actual size. This method of sizing has been around since the 1930s and has not evolved as consumer sizing has expanded,” Miryha Fantegrossi, vice president of merchandising and design for Wacoal, tells Elite Daily via email. “Our mybraFit app allows us to take additional points of measure that the consumer has a hard time taking [themselves]. We also redeveloped our sizing charts at Wacoal to sync up with these additional points of measure, which results in a more accurate size recommendation.”

Courtesy of Wacoal
Courtesy of Wacoal
Courtesy of Wacoal

AI-powered mybraFit, created with Wacoal’s Fit Experts, streamlines the bra sizing process using a series of easy-to-answer questions and virtual body imaging to deliver the user as accurate a bra size as possible, as well as a host of bra recommendations for that user’s specific bra shape and size. You heard that right: You don’t need to break out the soft measuring tape. The resulting bra size and recommendations don’t stray from traditional bra sizes as you know them, however. “Instead, we are offering a more accurate recommendation of products for our consumer,” says Fantegrossi. “That recommendation is the result of a customized, in-depth algorithm that uses more points of measure than the traditional bra calculator and industry sizing charts.”

After downloading mybraFit, users will be prompted to input their height and weight before capturing a hands-free image of the body within the app. “Safety and security are a priority,” the brand said of the required body image in a press release. “Wacoal has taken all necessary steps to ensure that the virtual imaging is secure.” The brand also does not save any image scans. Rather, only sizes and recommendations are saved. As the scan processes, users are then able to answer a series of questions that touch on a number of measurement points, including breast shape, breast tissue type, bra coverage preference, and shoulder type. Once the scan and questions are complete, mybraFit delivers your bra size, as well as a list of bra recommendations to your email. From there, purchasing is a breeze.

To determine whether or not your bra size is accurate IRL, Fantegrossi recommends keeping in mind Wacoal’s five points of fit:

  • Are your breasts lifted away from the body and fully supported?
  • Does the band fit comfortably and stays in place if you raise your arms?
  • Do your breasts fill the cup fully and comfortably, i.e. no gapping or spilling?
  • Are your shoulder straps staying secure without falling or digging into your shoulders?
  • Does the resulting shape of your breast fit in your body’s frame?
Courtesy of Wacoal

Fantegrossi is also a fan of the “mirror test” as a way to ensure your bra fits correctly. “We encourage customers to always put a t-shirt on and stand in front of a mirror and look for three things: First, they should do a front view check and make sure they are not getting a double bubble, which is typically caused when cups are too small. Second, they should check that their bust is centered on their body frame and not going east-west. This typically happens when cup shape isn’t right for their body type,” she says. “Lastly, and most importantly, they should check their side profile in the mirror. The most projected part of the bust should be at the midpoint, or higher between your shoulder and elbow. If your breast positioning meets that criteria, then your bra is providing the correct amount of support.”

To give this new technology a try yourself, you can download Wacoal’s mybraFit app here. If you’re already confident in your bra sizing, shop some bra options below:

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