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Influencer Sarah Cheung shows off a viral TikTok beauty hack using eyebrow tint as lipliner

The Latest Viral TikTok Makeup Hack Is Perfect For Long Summer Nights

It’s lowkey genius.

You can pack light on your next night out, thanks to a new viral TikTok makeup hack that’ll drastically cut down on the products you cram into your makeup bag. Sarah Cheung, the founder of Sacheu Beauty, dropped a fascinating hack on TikTok that’s already gone viral for its sheer level of ingenuity. It’s brilliant, easy, and means you can leave your lip liner at home this summer. In her post on TikTok, Cheung explains that she figured out the solution to a common makeup problem: blurring, smudging, smearing, and disappearing lip liner.

“You know how lip liner is always the first thing to rub off on a night out because you’re drinking, eating, making out with medium-ugly men?” Cheung asks. Yes, yes I do know that. Cheung goes on to explain that she’s been wearing brow pencil as lip liner for years, because it’s got great staying power and your brow pencil is usually a great nude shade for lips. However, she says she tried an experiment with a similar-but-different brow product to even greater effect. Drum roll, please...

Cheung then reveals that brow tint is her newfound secret to smudge-free, perfectly-lined lips that require zero upkeep throughout a night out. Dear reader, I too was floored by this revelation. The TikTok video itself is also super satisfying to watch.

Cheung explains that since brow tint — she uses Maybelline’s Brow Tattoo in Light Brown ($14, Amazon) — is made to last for two to three days, it more than holds up for a single night on the town. After applying the tint and letting it settle for a few minutes, Cheung peels it off to reveal beautifully, subtly-lined lips. Sure enough, when she applies her liquid nude lipstick, the tint doesn’t budge.

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Makeup fans have flocked to Cheung’s page to praise this game-changing hack. “U just changed my entire life,” wrote one user, while another shared, “Brb buying brow tint rn.” It really does seem foolproof and easy. Best of all, it’s an affordable hack, with Cheung’s brow tint of choice being a drugstore brand that’s less than $15. That said, you’re probably going to want to make a trip to the drugstore sooner rather than later. Cheung’s TikTok post has over a million views and, knowing TikTok beauty fans, shelves could be bare by now.