The 8 Best Hair Clips For Fine Hair

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If you have fine hair like I do, you're probably familiar with the challenge that hair clips can present. No sooner have you fastened them down than they've begun sliding down the back of your neck. The best hair clips for fine hair need extra grip so they're not constantly slipping out of place. There are several different features that help with this:

  • Nonslip backing: Hair clips are typically made with smooth materials like plastic, or metal which makes it hard for them to grip your hair effectively. Rubber strips or silicone backing add texture and will keep even baby-fine locks in place better.
  • Grippy coating: In lieu of rubber or silicone, some hair clips instead have a textured coating that serves a similar purpose, holding onto your hair so they don't slide down.
  • Narrowly spaced teeth: Large gaps in between the teeth can allow hair to slide through more easily, so if you have fine hair, you may want to go with clips that have closely spaced or even fully interlocking teeth.
  • Strong spring-loaded hinge A last thing that can be beneficial, at least for spring-loaded hair clips, is to have an extra strong spring. This allows the clip to clamp down tighter and hold your hair more securely in place.

If you're looking for basic clips to use at home while you're styling your hair (versus ones you'd wear out of the house), you'll also want to ensure they don't leave indentations in your fine hair. Silicone bands can help reduce this too.

With these features in mind, I've gathered a selection of the best hair clips for fine hair below. I made sure to include a wide range of styles and colors to help you find something that fits your wardrobe.

A Set Of Nonslip Jaw Clips In An Assortment Of Colors

What's great about them: These cute hair clips hold fine hair firmly in place with their unique design of interlocking teeth. The smaller jaw-style clips, which come in an assorted eight-pack, are constructed with durable material that won't snap easily. Additionally, they have strong springs and they're coated in a special nonslip finish to grip your hair.

One reviewer says: "I have baby fine hair and haven't ever been able to find clips that will stay in my hair until I got these. They stay in and they are very stylish."

This 28-Piece Set Of Trendy Clips With Thousands Of Fans On Amazon

What's great about them: With a stunning assortment of designs and colors, this popular hair clip set — which has 2,300-plus reviews on Amazon — enjoys a practical cult-following on the site. It features a combination of secure metal snap-clips and bobby pins decorated with faux pearls and stones for an eye-catching look. The clips will keep your hair in place all day thanks to their tight fit, and they're super sturdy, according to reviewers.

One reviewer says: "These are the best clips I've ever used. They stay in my fine hair without constant readjusting. I ordered a second set so I'd have two of each. Great price for the number of clips and they're pretty!"

These Ultra-Secure Alligator Styling Clips That Won't Leave Your Hair Crimped

What's great about them: If you need something dependable to use while styling your hair, this 10-pack of alligator clips works great for fine locks. The clips feature dual-springs with extra elasticity to hold your hair more securely. Not only that, but they're designed with a texture that further prevents slipping. Fans noted that they're super comfortable and don't cause any crimping, so you can easily use them to section off your hair while blow-drying, straightening, or curling it.

One reviewer says: "These clips hold my fine hair without crimping it, more than any other clip I've tried. They aren't overly heavy, but they really stay put."

A Cute, Multi-Color Set Of Claw Clips With A Grippy Texture

What's great about them: Designed with durable acrylic material, these colorful claw clips are an excellent choice for fine hair, according to fans. The popular clips boast more than 1,500 reviews on Amazon, many of which praise their grippy coating that help hold hair in place. They have overlapping claws that add to the secureness and the set includes four cute colors with a matte look.

One reviewer says: "love these clips!! The colors are perfect and exactly as pictured!! They are strong and hold my hair up all day. The clips also have a texture that seems to keep my hair from slipping out easily. I have fine hair so that’s always been a problem for me. Highly recommend!"

These Rhinestone-Studded Clips With A Vintage Vibe

What's great about them: If you want something a little snazzier, these fancy hair clips feature a vintage style with a sturdy metal base, rhinestone accents, and intricate detailing. The crossed claw teeth combined with an efficient spring offer extra grip to keep your hair from sliding out. The striking three-pack comes with silver, red, and blue variations.

One reviewer says: "These Vintage Rhinestone Hair Clips are very elegant and well-made. They are small enough to use on my fine hair. Adding a bit of hairspray also helps. Highly recommend."

A Tortoise Shell Clip With Fine Teeth That Hold Hair Tightly

What's great about it: This adorable tortoise-shell hair clip features fine teeth as well as a hidden metal spring to give you an extra-secure hold. The thin claws do a good job of gripping hair, while the simple design looks elegant without being too dressy.

One reviewer says: "I love this clip. Normally steer clear of anything without rubber gripping, but this definitely doesn't need it. Went the whole day, even going out for walks, without having to redo my hair."

These Salon-Quality Barrettes That Hold Your Hair In Place While You're Styling It

What's great about them: Another fantastic choice for things like blowdrying, straightening, curling, or other styling tasks, these barrettes for fine hair are built with sturdy springs, as well as nonslip silicone bands. They don't leave any indentations on your hair, according to fans, and they come in a handy 12-pack with a black and white color selection.

One reviewer says: "Love these clips. They are very high quality. They have a 'silicone' type cover/coating that makes them easy-to-grip. They are curved to fit the shape of your head. They don't leave lines or 'marks' where you clip. Definitely recommend!"

A Set Of Curved, Metallic Clips That Don't Pinch Or Poke

What's great about them: Made with smooth metal that doesn't pinch or scratch, these nonslip jaw clips are strong, secure, and comfortable too. The teeth feature an interlocking pattern and the interior of the clip is textured to hold fine hair firmly in place. The six-pack includes four metallic colors to go with any look.

One reviewer says: "These clips hold my fine long hair very well and make an easy updo or half-up look like I put in a lot more effort than I did. I really like them, they look great casual and dressed up. These are surprisingly comfortable - you know how with a lot of clips you get stabbed in the head if you lean your head back against something? These don't do that."