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This New Skin Care Brand Is Launching At Walmart, And The Vibes Are *Immaculate*

Skin Proud very well could be the next Glossier.

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IMHO, there’s nothing better than having a no-fuss approach to your skin care routine. Rather than load on a slew of oils and creams in succession (unless that’s your jam, of course), Skin Proud, a Gen Z-focused skin care brand, is all about simplifying your morning and night routines. The UK beauty brand has finally made it stateside thanks to an exclusive partnership with Walmart, and if I’m being honest, I wouldn’t sleep on this affordable line. Not only are all the items under $20 and consciously developed, but the vibes are ideal. Seriously, this could be the next Glossier.

Skin Proud is the brainchild of Charlotte Knight, and this isn’t her first trip around the beauty block; she’s previously founded Ciate and Lottie London. However, the idea for Skin Proud started a bit closer to home. Knight watched how her daughter interacted with skin care and noticed some key signals. “She would easily choose a new makeup item she’s seen on social media but spend hours trying to understand when and what items are required for her skin, and the high price tag attached to it,” Knight tells Elite Daily via email. This got Knight thinking about what the younger generation really needs when it comes to their skin and navigating the saturated skin care market.

Thus, Skin Proud was born with a focus on simplicity. “The skin care category can be overwhelming with complicated ingredients, concentrations, usage (for only certain skin types), and points in the day of when to use,” Knight says. “So, we really tried to make it easy to understand and easy to follow for our Gen Z consumers.” For the brand, one way to do that looks like color-coding Skin Proud’s morning and night routines so you can easily find what you’re looking for, even in the bleariness of sleep.

Knight’s daughters investment in learning about skin care is indicative of most young people’s approach to skin care, at least according to what Knight’s gleaned from her brand’s consumers thus far. While she sees acne-prone and oily skin as the largest skin concerns from shoppers, fans of the brand are getting pretty specific with what they want to see from Skin Proud. “We see more and more Gen Zers requesting products formulated with particular ingredients (e.g. Vitamin C, AHA/BHA, Niacinamide),” says Knight. “Consumers nowadays are so knowledgeable and educated — we learn from them and with them every day.”

To ensure it continues to keep up with its core consumers and stands out from the sea of products on shelves, Skin Proud is particular about its approach to both its products and its overall message. The formulas are created with a blend of both powerful natural extracts and science-based ingredients. So, you can find things like charcoal powder, hyaluronic acid, coconut oil, and niacinamide mixed together for a balanced regimen. The goal, on the other hand, is not to encourage anyone to stress over fixing every little thing about their skin. Rather, it’s to encourage young people to come as they are and to find a routine they love, can stick to, and feel good about.

With this amount of goodness happening in one brand, it’s hard to believe how affordable everything is. All of Skin Proud’s products are priced at $16 or below. And with muted, monochromatic packaging in soft shades of pink, the aesthetic is just *chef’s kiss.* Peep a selection of some key Skin Proud skin care items below.

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