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Sha'Carri Richardson Debuted An Iconic New Hair Transformation

Go off!

Patrick Smith/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The runner who rose to fame with her unbelievable, record-breaking race times; flawless long nails; and, of course, waist-length, orange hair has just transformed herself. While you knew and loved that iconic hair, Sha’Carri Richardson kissed it goodbye with a recent hair change. Now, gone are the fiery orange days to make way for Richardson’s fresh, platinum blonde hair.

In a TikTok she also shared on her Instagram, Richardson lip syncs to a Nikki Minaj audio. “I took a couple, you know, I took some time off to rest,” Richardson mouths in a brief clip with her natural hair on display. Then, for the dramatic reveal, her hairstylist Brianna Renee whips off the hair cape, and bam! “Now, it’s game time, b*tches,” Richardson mouths. Her hair had been totally changed to waist-length, icy blonde hair — definitely not a lick of orange in there. When she flicks it over her shoulder, a royal blue under-dye peaks. I can just imagine how cool it’s going to look flowing in the wind behind her as she runs.

To really sell this transformation, Richardson also debuted her fresh ‘do in a Nike running outfit that perfectly matches her peek-a-boo color. Her always-done nails were created by Tokyo B and were decorated in light and dark blue patterns over a nude color and dotted with some jewel details. The whole look is beyond fierce.

There’s nothing like a new hairdo to make you feel fresh and ready to take on the world, and it seems that’s exactly what Richardson intends to do. After not being able to compete in the 2021 Olympics, it looks like Richardson is already moving upward. “August 21 and I’m not playing nice,” she captioned the video. This may be a reference to her upcoming race, the Prefontaine Classic on Saturday, Aug. 21 in Oregon. She’s slated to run against all three 100m Olympic athletes. It may not be in Tokyo, but this is definitely Richardson’s chance to show the world what they missed.