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Rihanna's New Fenty Perfume Is Exactly Like Her — Indescribable

Is this what Rihanna smells like? Because damn.

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Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

Well, everyone, Rihanna has swooped in to dominate yet another sector of the beauty industry: fragrances. The multi-hyphenate star announced on Monday, Aug. 2 that Fenty Beauty would release its first perfume — Fenty Eau de Parfum — on Tuesday, Aug. 10. Developing the new fragrance, unsurprisingly, was a deeply personal experience for Rihanna, who drew inspiration for the scent from the places and memories she loves most, like Bridgetown, Barbados; Grasse, France; New York, New York; Paris, France; Los Angeles, California, according to a press release shared with Elite Daily.

“That’s the thing I love the most: It’s an experience, it’s a memory, encapsulated into a fragrance. One smell, you’ll never forget it,” said Rihanna in the press release. Gleaning a love and appreciation of fragrance from her mother, Rihanna took no shortcuts, traveling to Grasse, France, to work with LVMH Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud on the development of the Fenty Eau de Parfum. “Going to Grasse felt like going into another world, or realm, altogether. I remember waking up, getting ready, getting on the plane, landing, and walking straight to the garden,” said Rihanna. “Right away, you could feel the history in the garden. You’re walking through it, you can smell everything. It’s just an experience from the moment you arrive.”

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

The Fenty Eau de Parfum Details

The experience resulted in an aromatic experience unlike any other. The Fenty Eau de Parfum pulls an unlikely combination of ingredients together to create a striking scent that’s pleasant, but still leaves you guessing. You’ll find sweet floral elements like Bulgarian rose absolute, magnolia, and geranium meshed with deep musk and patchouli, all complemented by light and airy tangerine and blueberry.

The almost indescribable fragrance is packaged in a sleek, luxe, rectangular bottle that appears brown but shines a gorgeous, rich amber shade in the light — Rihanna’s favorite color, naturally. The bottle fits perfectly in the hand and straddles the line between feminine and masculine beautifully, as was the singer’s intent. “I wanted a rich color that really represented all genders from across all walks of life. Brown is my favorite color. Brown is who I am. Brown is what I come from,” she said. “If I’m going to make a fragrance that represents me, even the body language of the bottle needs to marry that. So, I wanted something brown, but also transparent — so you could see the liquid and the fragrance you’re about to experience.”

The Fenty Eau de Parfum will retail for $120 on the Fenty Beauty website starting Aug. 10.

The Fenty Eau de Parfum Review

The scent: 4/5

Usually, I roll my eyes whenever a new fragrance launch is marketed as something “unlike anything else,” because after a while, it’s all the same, right? A floral fragrance here, a musky perfume there. I have to assume Rihanna knew everyone would think that going into this and sought out to prove literally everyone wrong. And you know what? At the very least, she proved me wrong.

From the minute I first sprayed it, the Fenty Eau de Parfum surprised me, because, funny enough, I couldn’t find the right words to describe it. Once the perfume started to settle onto my, I could smell the strong sweet and floral tones, which typically aren’t my favorite, but they were relatively fleeting and not necessarily overpowering. After a few minutes, I was finally enveloped by the deeper, muskier notes that rounded out the full scent. As a patchouli and musk girl, I was happy. Granted, this is something to consider if you’re a sweet-and-fruity fragrance lover.

I wouldn’t necessarily classify this scent as one I’d wear every day. Rather, to its credit, this scent is one I’d wear sparingly, for the special events and memories during which I’d want to make a statement, a lasting impression, or experience a boost of confidence. Judging from Rihanna’s own thought process when developing the scent, that seems particularly fitting.

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

The bottle: 5/5

From the gender-neutral design to the brown shade, the duality of the bottle design is not unlike the fragrance itself. The bottle is is unassuming but powerful at the same time. The clean lines and golden amber reflection feel like luxury, but there’s no trace of flashiness. Those who prefer the sculptural bottles that serve as little, collectible figurines might not find much to talk about with the Fenty Eau de Parfum bottle. But I find it perfect.

The overall experience: 4/5

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the experience of Fenty’s Eau de Parfum, because the thoughtfulness with which Rihanna approached the development is palpable. Even the press of the nozzle produces a soft, even release of the product that’s almost graceful. While I may not wear this fragrance every day, it’s a scent so unique, I’ll surely remember it.

Shop the Fenty Eau de Parfum on on Aug. 10.

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