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You Can Cop Items From Olivia Rodrigo's Music Videos On Her New Depop Shop

All the proceeds go to charity.

Courtesy of Depop

As if Olivia Rodrigo hasn’t given enough to fans in 2021, the 18-year-old just teamed up with Depop to launch a shop in celebration of her new album SOUR. Featuring memorabilia and clothing from her music videos, the shop gives you the chance not only to dress like your favorite singer, but to do so in clothes she actually wore. The entire collection is priced between $10 to $85. You better check out the SOUR Shop fast, because the shop drops on June 3, and things are going to sell fast.

Sadly, the iconic, ruffled green “deja vu” dress isn’t going to be featured in the drop, but there are still plenty of other amazing items. Clothing-wise, the shop includes Rodrigo’s pink, silk headscarf and retro framed sunglasses from her “deja vu” music video, creeper platforms, a fluffy pink boa, and more. You can also decorate your house with her mirror, candles, and makeup box. Even more exciting is that Rodrigo’s actual diary is going to be on sale. Imagine being able to see inside her mind. While it’s already an amazing deal to shop anything the star touched, all of the proceeds from this collaboration will be donated to charity.

After her rapid rise to stardom, Rodrigo’s debut album dropped at the very top of the Billboard charts and has the second-best streaming numbers for albums released this year. Despite only being released on May 21, the 11-track album is already being heralded for its dreamy beats and honest lyrics. But, who would expect anything less from the queen who gave fans the song of the year with “drivers license” back in January 2021?

Courtesy of Depop

Sadly, neither Rodrigo nor Depop have shared the exact time the items will be released for sale, so stay close to your phone, and maybe set up some notifications. If you want to check out everything you can expect from the drop, peep the images above for a sneak peek.