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Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer poising for their new skin care brand Know Beauty

Here's The Weird Way You Can Fully Experience Madison Beer & Vanessa Hudgens' Beauty Brand

They want... your saliva?

Courtesy of Know Beauty

The beauty world’s latest celebrity skin care brand isn’t what you’d expect. Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer, a decidedly unexpected pair, teamed up with dermatologist Dr. Karen Kagha to create Know Beauty. Launched on June 22, Know Beauty wants to know everything about you, so it can deliver a personalized routine that’s perfect for you and your skin.

The first question on your mind is probably: Why Beer and Hudgens? Well, the two met through Beer’s friend and Hudgens’ younger sister, Stella. While the two stars oscillated around each other for years, both individually expressed interest in creating their own beauty lines after feeling lost at sea within their own skin journeys. Thus, Know Beauty was born.

With about a decade between them, these two founders have different concerns when it comes to their skin which is part of what makes Know Beauty so special. "Once I hit 30 and started seeing things on my skin that weren't there in my 20s, I definitely wanted to prioritize skin care," Hudgens told Allure. "I wanted to know I am putting the right things on my skin that are going to save it for as long as possible." Meanwhile, Beer has struggled with adult-onset acne. “I was like, wait, I thought I figured this out,” she told Bustle. “I thought that I solved the problem, that I figured out topically what I should be and shouldn't be putting on my skin.” The two started Know Beauty with Dr. Kagha to cover the entire gambit of skin needs, while somehow also keeping your routine simple.

Courtesy of Know Beauty

To get started, you can take the Diagnostic Quiz on the brand’s website and answer questions about how much water you drink, time spent in the sun, sleep you get, and more. From there, Know Beauty has over 1,000 different product combinations, but you can go even deeper than that. The skin care line has a Skin DNA Kit ($95, Know Beauty) that works exactly as it sounds like: You send over your saliva and wait for customized results. “The skin diagnostic test was really created to get a snapshot of where your skin is today, whereas the DNA test is to educate users about things that their skin is more prone to experience or areas that they should really focus on in preparation for down the road,” Kagha told Bustle. “While you may not visibly express those signs yet, your genes tell us what to expect.”

The DNA Kit focuses on seven factors, including hyperpigmentation, collagen quality, skin elasticity, sun protection, antioxidant protection, skin sensitivity, glycation (the top cause of fine lines), wrinkles, dryness, and acne. This is easily one of the most comprehensive personalized skin care brands out there.

If you’re sick of playing a constant guessing game when it comes to your skin routine, it’s time to check out Know Beauty. Individual products are all sold for $30 or less. Below are just some of the products I definitely can’t wait to try out, no matter what my test results say.

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