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by Andrea Hannah
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I’ll be the first to admit: I’m pretty bougie. I like my upscale studio classes. I have a myriad of skin care products with ingredients like “squalene” and “sea algae.” And then there are all my plants. That said, I’ve still gotta eat, so I tend to shop for bougie things on Amazon so I won’t break the bank.

I wish I could say I just liked bougie things in one area of my life — like my beauty products or home decor — but, alas, I love it all. That’s why Amazon has come in so clutch. I can snag some 24-karat gold eye masks and a bamboo diffuser for the price of one of those items in-store. And, honestly, the quality is just as good. In fact, a lot of times it’s even better.

Take this non-toxic nail polish, for example. It’s completely cruelty-free and, it lasts twice as long without chipping. Bougie? Maybe, but it’s well worth it.

Ready to give your home (and yourself) a full-on makeover? Check out some of my favorite finds on Amazon that are perfect for the bougie at heart.

This Diffuser That’s Whisper Quiet

Not only will this essential oil diffuser smell amazing when you add your preferred oil, but its minimalist design adds a chic touch to your home. It features a 100-milliliter tank that emits a cool mist for up to five hours continuously. It also features a slider that you can use to control how much mist comes out, and it’s also super quiet. You can set this diffuser up right next to your bed and it still won’t wake you up all night long.

A Pillow Spray That Can Help Lull You To Sleep

This pillow spray is infused with soothing lavender that’s completely natural, so you don’t have to worry about it staining your sheets or pillowcases. Before bed, spritz a few drops on your pillowcase and around your room to help your body and mind relax into a deep sleep.

This Conditioning Mask That Leaves Your Hair Silky Smooth

After over 2,000 Amazon reviews, this deep conditioning hair mask is a fan favorite (and an editor favorite, as well). Formulated with a rich blend of B vitamins, algae, natural oils, and biotin, even a single application of this mask helps to instantly repair hair. One reviewer writes, “This product seems to actually strengthen hair and not just coat it like some other products. My hair stays soft and thick for several days so I can go longer in between washes.”

A Faux Leather Tote That Can Fit So Much

This shopper tote bag is the perfect size to carry around all your most essential items. It’s made from a luxe faux leather that feels just like the real thing, and it even features a small zip pocket on the inside for your keys or wallet. Plus, you can wear this bag like an oversized wristlet so you can keep your hands free while you’re shopping.

A Rose-Scented Body Polish That Leaves Your Skin So Soft

This body polish gently exfoliates your skin without any chemicals or overpowering scent. It’s made from a blend of silky coconut oil and sugar, which acts as a natural exfoliant to slough off dry skin. It’s also lightly scented with Moroccan rose, which leaves your skin fresh and re-hydrated when you leave the tub or shower.

This Silk Scrunchie That Can Prevent Frizz

This cult-favorite silk scrunchie has won over thousands of Amazon reviewers. This scrunchie is made from 100% Mulberry silk that can prevent your hair from split ends. Plus, reviewers also mention that this scrunchie won’t leave any marks so you can take down your hair and it’ll still be silky smooth.

These Luxury Bath Towels That Feel Like A Dream

You’ll love to cozy up in one of these luxury towels the next time you hop out of the shower. They come in a set of four, and each one is made from super soft, 100% cotton. These hotel-quality towels have also been reinforced with embroidered stitching, and at 54 inches long, they’re the perfect size to wrap up in.

This Facial Mist That Makes Your Skin Glow

When your skin’s dehydrated, a few spritzes of this nourishing facial mist can give you an instant glow-up. It’s formulated from sea grade caviar, which is harvested sustainably, as well as blue alga and sea buckthorn extracts, all of which are packed with nutrients for your skin. You can even spritz it on after you apply your makeup to help it set.

A Silicone Tray That Makes Ice Diamonds

Why use regular cubes when you can make diamonds with this unique ice tray? The tray itself is made from flexible, food-grade silicone and features molds for four extra-large diamonds. You can fill up the molds with water to create ice diamonds, or some reviewers have used them to create candy or chocolate diamonds for party favors. There’s even a lid to prevent any spills while they set.

This Corkscrew That Automatically Opens Your Bottle

With over 1,000 reviews and a 4.3-star rating on Amazon, it’s easy to see why so many love this automatic corkscrew. Here’s how it works: All you have to do is place this corkscrew over the opening to your bottle. It automatically removes the cork on contact, then ejects it so it’s ready to use with the next bottle. This genius device makes it easier than ever to open and indulge in your favorite bottle.

This Facial Tool That Has 8,000 Amazon Reviews

Reviewers can’t say enough good things about this genius gua sha facial tool. Made from natural jade stone, this tool is great for improving the circulation in your facial skin. You can use the wide edge to smooth over larger areas, or you can use the smaller divot to soothe puffiness around the eyes. Some reviewers even pop this little tool into the fridge for a few minutes for an instant cooling effect.

This Lacey Hanky Panky Staple With A Retro Flair

Not only is this signature Hanky Panky staple cute, but it’s also made from super soft lace and feature the perfect amount of stretch so they sit comfortably on your skin without pinching. Plus, they feature a high-waist design that feels great on.

  • Available Sizes: One size only
Satin Pajamas You Won’t Want To Change Out Of

For less than $30 for the set, you can grab a pair (or two) of these luxurious satin pajamas. They come in two pieces — a button-down shirt and a pair of shorts — and each piece is woven from buttery soft satin that feels like a dream on your skin. These pajamas also come in a wide ranges of sizes and colors, so you can snag a pair for every day of the week.

  • Available Sizes: Small — XX-Large
A Candle That Smells Like Musk & Suede

Light this earthy-scented candle whenever you want an instant pick-me-up. It’s infused with the scent of suede, musk, and amber to give it a refreshing scent, and the base is made from coconut and beeswax. Plus, this slow-burning candle lasts for up to 50 hours so you can truly luxuriate in its unique scent for awhile before it’s time to grab another one.

This Nail Polish That Lasts A Long Time

This chili pepper red nail polish looks gorgeous on, but the best part is that it’s formulated to last a really long time without chipping. It also features a completely non-toxic formula that’s vegan and cruelty-free, and it comes with a brush that has over 800 bristles so you can apply a smooth, even coat every time.

These Best-Selling Slippers That Feel Like Wearing A Pillow

These best-selling slippers are so comfortable that one reviewer says “these feel like marshmallows.” They’re made from comfy, yet supportive, EVA foam so your feet literally sink into the footbed. These slippers gently cradle your feet to relieve tension and pressure, and they also feature a non-slip outsole so you can comfortably wear them indoors or outdoors.

A Waterproof Spa Pillow That You Can Use In The Bath Tub

Now you can relax in the bath for as long as you want with this waterproof spa pillow. It’s the perfect size to support your upper back and neck, and it features a crease in the center so it can easily fold over your tub, allowing you to lay back and relax. This pillow won’t hold onto mold and odor-causing bacteria, and it also features sturdy suction cups so once you put it in place, it won’t budge.

This Balm That Hydrates Your Lips

If you have dry, chapped lips, this moisturizing lip balm is an editor favorite. It’s formulated with nourishing sea fennel to help hydrate skin. It also features orange extract to refresh your lips, and has SPF 15 protection. As one reviewer puts it, this is “the only lip balm you’ll ever need.”

This Pillowcase Made With 100% Mulberry Silk

For a luxe night’s sleep, this silk pillowcase is made from 100% pure mulberry silk, which is gentle on your skin and hair. Reviewers insist that sleeping with this luxe pillowcase helps to prevent their hair from frizzing and protects skin from becoming dehydrated overnight. Plus, it comes in a ton of colors and sizes so you can find the perfect match for your bedding.

These Cheese Knives That Are Perfect For Entertaining

You’re sure to impress your guests when you pull out this cheese cutlery set. You get multiple knives for spreading softer cheeses, as well as a pronged fork and a variety of small spoons and forks. Each piece is made from food-grade stainless steel, and the handles on the larger pieces feature an elegant bamboo finish.

A Wireless Keyboard That Can Connect To Multiple Devices

This wireless keyboard makes it easier than ever to work from anywhere. It’s super slim and lightweight so you can take it anywhere, and it operates on batteries so you don’t have to worry about lugging around a charging cord, too. This keyboard has Bluetooth capabilities so it can sync up to your computer, but on top of that, you can choose two other devices to sync it to as well. No matter where you are or which device you have, you can still get to work.

This Insulated Tumbler That’s So Chic

This insulated tumbler mug keeps your drinks piping hot for hours. It features an insulated design and is designed in two sizes (a 350- and a 500-milliliter option). It also is designed with an insert at the top that prevents heat from escaping, as well as a secure lid to prevent spills.

A Planter Vase That’s Truly Unique

Add a fun pop of detail to your home decor with this unique planter vase. At 6 inches in diameter, it’s the perfect size for most succulents and small houseplants. It’s also made from resin, which is durable and easy to wipe clean. No matter where you place this vase, it’s sure to grab attention.

This Flatware Designed In A Gold Finish

You’ll feel like you’re royalty while eating with this gold-plated flatware set. The set comes with 20 pieces, and each utensil features a silky matte finish that makes them look like they’re made from solid gold. And even though they look fancy, these utensils are dishwasher safe.

This Cuticle Oil That Has Over 80,000 Amazon Reviews

This editor- and reviewer-favorite cuticle oil is made from a base of nourishing sunflower oil and infused with milk and honey. It’s also packed with antioxidants to help heal dry, cracked skin. Just apply a few drops to your cuticles after a DIY mani to instantly soften skin and prevent hang nails.

A Cozy Throw Blanket That’s Made From Faux Fur

Not only is this throw blanket super gorgeous, but it’s extra cozy, too. It’s made from soft faux fur on one side, and warm microfiber fleece on the other, so you can’t go wrong snuggling up with either side. And at 50 inches wide by 60 inches long, it’s large enough to share with someone else.

This Pour-Over Coffee Filter That Has A Permanent Filter

With this pour-over coffee maker, you can make fresh coffee in a snap. It takes less than a minute to pour in fresh grounds and hot water to create a fresh, rich cup of coffee. Plus, it also comes with a permanent filter that you can use over and over again, so it’s eco-friendly, too.

This Kettle That Has A Temperature Gauge On The Lid

It doesn’t get more bougie than this gooseneck tea kettle. This one features a stainless steel design to keep in heat, as well as an ergonomic handle that doesn’t get hot. It also features a gooseneck spout for a precise pour every time. The highlight of this tea kettle, though, is the temperature gauge on top so you can see exactly when your water is at the right temperature.

A Set Of Copper Mugs That Are Perfect For Moscow Mules

This set of copper mugs are the perfect addition to your at-home bar set. There are four mugs in a set, and each is made from pure hammered copper. These mugs also come with a copper jigger so you can make the perfect mixture, as well as four copper straws to complete the set.

This Waffle-Weave Bath Robe That’s Amazingly Soft

One reviewer writes that this bath robe is “just like a spa robe in hotels.” It features a super soft “waffle weave” that has a bit of stretch to it so it can comfortably wrap around your body. It also features a flat collar, and it has two pockets that are deep enough to hold your phone or other small items.

This Natural Deodorant That’s Made From Plant Enzymes

Derived from plant enzymes, this all-natural deodorant is non-toxic and features a unique formula made from odor-repelling enzymes that are found in nature. It’s also free of synthetic fragrances or harmful chemicals, so it’s less likely to irritate sensitive skin. On top of that, this deodorant also features a recyclable tube that’s manufactured using solar power.

A Milk Frother That Makes The Perfect Lattes

Now you can make the perfect latte at home with this convenient milk frother. Here’s how it works: All you have to do is pour your favorite milk inside and hit the button on the side. This frother can warm up your milk or leave it cold, but either way, the internal whisk whips it into a flawless foam while you wait. It even lets you know when it’s done. Then just pour it onto your espresso or matcha and you’re good to go.

This Drink Shaker That’s Extra Fancy

Made from crystal and stainless steel, this fancy drink shaker is sure to wow at any party. It features an intricate design etched into the sides, as well as a food-grade stainless steel lid. This shaker can hold up to 17 ounces of your favorite drink, making it the perfect size to mix up a batch of drinks.

An Extra-Large Cutting Board That’s Great For Charcuterie

At over 1-inch thick and made from gorgeous acacia wood, this cutting board is a great choice to display your charcuterie. The thickness helps to prevent this board from cracking over time, and the deep groove around the edges gives it an air of elegance. That said, reviewers mention that this is also a solid cutting board for meal prep, so it’s also great for chopping up your favorite fruits and veggies.

This Elegant Tray That Comes In A Ton Of Designs

You can use this elegant tray to serve guests, or to display your favorite items on an ottoman in your living room. At 18 inches long and 12 inches wide, it’s the perfect size for a few snacks or drinks, and it has sturdy handles on each side for easy lifting. Plus, it comes in a variety of chic colors so you can find the best fit for your tastes.

This Floating Shelf That Can Display Your Plants And Pictures

This modern shelf adds a unique pop of detail to any room. It features three shelves connected with a sleek gold “ladder” on both side. Each of the three shelves can hold up to 11 pounds, making them great for displaying small plants, trinkets, photos, and more. The shelves are also water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about spilling a few drops of water when you’re taking care of your plants.

A Waffle-Weave Throw Blanket Made Of 100% Cotton

Made from breathable cotton, this waffle-weave throw blanket is perfect to snuggle up with in any weather. It’s just heavy enough to offer a bit of weight if you’re cold, but it’s not so heavy that it would cause you to sweat in warmer weather, making it the perfect nap blanket. At 90 by 90 inches, it’s big enough to cover you twice over.

A Silk Eye Mask That Can Help You Get A Goodnight’s Sleep

Made from the finest mulberry silk, this dreamy eye mask is an excellent addition to your night time routine. It features a silk covering on both sides, and it’s super lightweight so you won’t even feel it while you’re asleep. Just go about your regular bedtime routine, then pop on this soothing mask to block out light so you can catch some extra Z’s.

This Salon-Approved Brush That Gently Detangles Your Hair

Multiple reviewers insist that this is “the best hair brush ever.” What makes this brush different from the rest is that it features two types of bristles — nylon bristles and boar bristles. The longer nylon bristles gently thread through tangles to remove knots, while the shorter boar bristles help to smooth out dry hair. While this brush is great for fine hair, reviewers will all types of hair rave about how well it works.

This Gorgeous Tumbler That Keep Drinks Cold For 24 Hours

You’re sure to get a ton of compliments on this adorable travel tumbler. It can hold up to 18 ounces of liquid, and it features a triple-walled insulated design that can keep drinks cold for a full 24 hours, or hot for 14 hours. It even comes with a removable infuser so you can brew tea or add a dash of fruit to your water on the go.

A Set Of Smart Bulbs That Can You Turn On With An App

Now you can turn your lights on from your bed with these popular smart bulbs. You install them into your lamps just like a regular bulb, but these sync up to your Wi-Fi network so you can control them through your phone. You can change the color, brightness, and turn them off within the app, or you can sync them up with your Alexa or Google Home to control them with voice commands alone.

This Bath Tray That Makes Soaking In The Tub More Relaxing

This bamboo tray is a must if you love to soak in the tub. It fits across most standard tubs, and features a center tray that’s made specifically to hold your most precious items securely. There’s a slot for a tablet so you can watch a show or read, as well as a spot for candles and soaps. There’s even a place to securely put the base of a stemmed glass, so you can relax in full comfort.

This Lamp That Projects A Sunset In Your Room

Now you can have a nightly sunset, no matter the weather, with this brilliant projection lamp. It casts a gorgeous orange and yellow glow onto any flat surface to create the illusion of a warm sunset, even in the middle of winter. You can even adjust the height and position of this lamp to create a smaller or larger image so you can pretend you’re watching the real thing on a beach somewhere.

This Microfiber Hair Wrap That’s Super Absorbent

These microfiber hair wraps come in a set of two, and they’re sized perfectly to comfortably wrap up your hair while you wait for it to dry. The buttery soft microfiber sops up extra water without drying out your hair and causing it to frizz, making these wraps a fan favorite for people with wavy or curly hair.

A Shower Head That Feels Like A Rainstorm

Why settle for a mediocre shower when you can pretend you’re standing in a rainstorm with this luxury shower head? It features a wide base with 90 rubber jets that emit a high-pressure stream, which is a bit like getting a massage while you wash your hair. The best part, though, is how easy it is to install this shower head. It features a universal stem so it can snap onto any standard shower.

These Eyes Masks That Can Soothe Puffy Skin

The next time you’ve had a rough night, pop these soothing eye masks on while you’re getting ready for the day. You get 30 masks (or 15 pairs) in a set, and each one is infused with hydrating collagen and other essential nutrients to help relieve tired skin. Some reviewers mention that there’s plenty of serum in the packets to use each mask twice, too.

Socks That Keep Your Feet Toasty Warm

With a stellar, 4.8-star rating after more than 2,0000 reviews, these cozy socks are a luxury worth splurging on. They’re made from a soft microfiber blend, and they feel like you’re wearing a cloud. And because these socks also feature a thick weave, they help to trap in heat and keep you toasty warm, no matter how cold it is outside.

This SPF-40 Sunscreen That’s Just For Your Hands

Given how exposed they are to the sun on a regular basis, your hands need protection, too. This hand sunscreen features SPF 40 to stave off sun exposure, and it’s also infused with ethically sourced sea buckthorn, which is hydrating and nutrient-rich to repair skin.

Soft Pillows That Feel Like Sleeping On A Cloud

You don’t need to head to a hotel to get quality sleep once you have these extremely popular bed pillows. Between the cooling fibers and gel interior, these pillows offer plenty of support while preventing you from getting too hot. They also have a 250-thread-count cover, which feels heavenly on its own. With 50,000 Amazon reviews and counting, these are some of the most popular pillows on the internet.

This Toilet Spray That Conceals Odor

Take this smell-concealing spray with you everywhere you go and no one will ever know when you’ve gotta go. Here’s how it works: You spray it directly into the toilet before you go to crate a “barrier” over the water. This barrier keeps odors trapped beneath the surface so you (or anyone else) never smells a thing, before and after you flush.

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