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Harry Styles, who fans are convinced may be launching a perfume line, posing on the red carpet at th...

The Only World I Want Is One Where Harry Styles Drops A Perfume Line

I will bathe in this perfume and this perfume alone.

Jim Dyson/Redferns/Getty Images

Between being cast in two films and still having a tour scheduled for fall 2021, Harry Styles might be cooking up even more behind the scenes. Harry Styles may have a beauty and perfume brand in the works. Although there are already countless celebrity-owned beauty brands crowding the market, I can’t deny this news is so exciting that I could scream.

Anyone who’s previously (or currently) viewed themselves as a Directioner knows you can’t hide anything from fans, most of whom should probably be recruited to the FBI. As soon as four days after Styles reportedly filed a trademark for his new brand, several Twitter update account, including @TheHarryNews, noticed something was up. “Harry is listed as a director under a new company, for perfume and cosmetics, as of May 25. The company is named ‘PLEASED AS HOLDINGS LIMITED’ as of now,” the account tweeted alongside a screenshot of the reported redacted filing document. The document appears to list Styles as the director and describes the nature of the business as “wholesale of perfume and cosmetics.” Reportedly working with Styles, Emma Spring, his longtime personal assistant, is also listed on the paperwork.

As the brand is seemingly in its very beginning stages, it’s hard to say exactly what it might look like, assuming it does come to fruition (which will likely be at least a year away, if not longer). Given Styles’ penchant for fruit-named songs, I can only guess that there will be some fun berry-inspired scents included. Perhaps his love for funky nails may lead to some nail polish drops in the future.

@TheHarryNews shared a photo of Styles’ trademark filing for a new beauty brand.

While Styles has had an enormously successful solo music career, he’s had a bit of experience with fragrance in the past. He appeared as the face of Gucci’s Memoire d'une Odeur Fragrance campaign. He and his former bandmates released more than one perfume during their time together. It’s hard to believe that this brand will be able to compete with the iconic One Direction “Between Us” fragrance commercial, since it’s unlikely Niall Horan’s tears will be a consistent ingredient.

Even so, fans are already beyond excited. “‘Are you okay?’ No, I’m not okay,” one user wrote. “Harry Edward Styles owns a makeup cosmetics brand, and he looks gorgeous as hell wearing makeup. I couldn’t be more proud.” Of course, plenty of fans were a bit more withholding. “This is great, but is his tour happening?” another person tweeted. Well, you can’t please them all. Although all of these details are incredibly new — and have yet to be confirmed by Styles himself — rest assured that there will likely be more updates to come before long about Styles’ potential new cosmetics venture.