Fashion influencer and TikToker Amanda Quach showing off her personal style in a psychedelic outfit ...
5 Gen Z Fashion TikTokers Share How To Find Your ~Personal Style~

Get ready for window shopping. Loooooots of window shopping.

Getting dressed is one of the most annoying tasks out there, and that's coming from someone who loves clothes. It's so easy to dream up the most daring outfit — the ones you've pinned on Pinterest a thousand times — only to toss everything in your closet on the floor, sigh, and go with jeans and a T-shirt instead. No, there's nothing wrong with a combo as classic and timeless as denim and a tee. But sometimes, breaking out of that box to find an aesthetic that feels comfortable and original to you is more difficult than you think it'll be, regardless of how easy so many fashion TikTokers make finding your personal style seem.

Even the term "personal style" can be vague and misleading, so let's break it down to the very basics. Your personal style is less dependent on what's popular and more in line with how certain items make you feel. Thus, dressing for your personal style prioritizes the items, vibes, aesthetics, colors, and more that make you feel confident when you wear them, like the best, most powerful version of yourself walking down the street. As you start approaching your wardrobe this way, you might find “your style” checks a few different boxes at first. And that’s OK. If you spend time experimenting with new silhouettes and colors, doing your own research, and avoid taking yourself too seriously, eventually, you’ll notice a few patterns start to emerge. Even better, you’ll have begun curating a wardrobe that feels authentic to you.

Granted, all of that sounds great, but it’s easier said than done. If you’re not sure where to start, Elite Daily tapped five fashion TikTokers whose style is unmatched for their best tips to find your personal style.

Considering she bought vintage Manolos before she even bought white sneakers, TikToker and fashion influencer Monique Black is decidedly dedicated to her personal style over waisting money and energy on trends. "If you genuinely love a trend, then 100% partake in it and enjoy it, but don’t fill your closet with things other people tell you that you should like," Black tells Elite Daily. "At the end of the day, you're the one who has to wear it." She recommends people-watching on the street, in media, and in art to see what you're drawn to. Once you have a basic sense of what you types of clothing you like, you can determine a better blueprint for your personal style from there.

Clara Perlmutter suggests you go back in time when thinking about your personal style. "Think back to a moment early on where you saw an outfit — maybe in a movie, on some girl at the mall, or on a family member — and your head just exploded," she says. Once you have that image in your head, break down the elements of the outfit that really spoke to you. "If it was that Britney and Justin all-denim red carpet moment, ask yourself what you liked about that," she continues. "Was it mixing different styles of denim? Are you really into Y2K fashion?" When you have a better idea of those specific elements, Perlmutter suggests going to a vintage store with tons of affordable options to try to find similar pieces.

Alex Hildreth, who describes her fashion as "structured, edgy, and relaxed," has recently gained a following on TikTok thanks to her advice on styling difficult pieces and when it's worth it to buy certain statement items. "The best way to start shopping for your personal style is to make a list of what you consider basics or staple [items] for you," says Hildreth. "These ‘basics’ don't need to be the most pared down, muted version of what you're buying; they just need to be something that you think you'll treasure and wear a ton." Once she gets her hands on a new statement piece, Hildreth doesn't put them in a special space in her closet, only to come out every other month or so. Instead, she styles her pieces like any other piece of clothing, working them into everyday outfits, rather than worrying about repeating them. This is an easy way make your personal style feel like second nature over time.

Your personal style, according to TikToker Amanda Quach, isn’t something that should necessarily fit into a neat little box. "When trying out certain styles of clothing, I would definitely avoid trying to fit into a strict mold. Although 'aesthetic' trends are fun to be a part of, curating your own original style is so much more fulfilling," she says. To start, Quach recommends shopping for specific staple pieces you love that you can wear a bunch of different ways, like patterned pants or a funky shirt. It's an affordable way to play with various outfit combinations to settle on looks you feel most excited about — but without going over budget.

Similar to her fellow fashion TikTokers, Taylor Davis agrees that the first move in developing your personal style is to take a step back. Think about what you want out of your closet. "Start thinking about who you want to be and dress as if you are already the perfect version of yourself; it’s a game changer," she says. Even if you have a pretty clear idea of how you want to dress, stay out of the stores for a while to avoid any impulse purchases you never end up wearing. "Do a ton of window shopping. Go boutiques, stores, and take a mental note or even pictures of everything you are intrigued by, so you can go back and re-evaluate. See if there is a pattern happening and only purchase things you cannot get off your mind." At the end of the day, liking something and it being a realistic, functional part of your personal style are two different things you should work out before swiping your card.