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From Dark Plaids To Cozy Matching Sets, Here's The Fall Trend Your Zodiac Sign Should Try

From the cosmos straight to your closet.

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There’s nothing like a new season to make you feel like you don’t have anything to wear. But, as you transition your wardrobe to the colder months, what is your latest fall fashion aesthetic going to be? If you feel a little lost in the clothing sauce, never fear. Allow your zodiac sign to guide you to the fall fashion trend to try.

From monochromatic ‘fits to pants that command and demand attention, there are so many styles that are becoming all the rage. As each of these fall fashion trends is perfectly fitted for your sign’s qualities, you don’t have to leave your comfort zone to rock any one of them. However, the best part is that they’re all affordable and easy to work into your existing aesthetic, so there’s no need for an entire fashion overhaul.

Regardless of what planets are going into retrograde, you don’t have to worry about your fashion lacking with one of these fall trends in your closet. You may even want to shop for your rising and moon signs, too. Scroll below to shop the fall fashion trends that are written into your stars.

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Fall Trends For Aries: Play With Patterned Pants

You deserve a style that’s as bold and loud as you are, Aries, so you should shop patterned pants. Knowing you, the more colorful, the better. A great option to convey all of your chaotic energy is Plushe’s Abstract Trousers ($25, Plushe).

Fall Trends For Taurus: Dark Academia Prevails

The dark academia aesthetic is a mix of early 1900s scholar with ‘90s sensibilities. That means you get tweed blazers, mini skirts, and turtlenecks in a darker palette, which is ideal for fall. It’s like if Cher from Clueless had a goth makeover. Taureans' penchant for luxury and timeless styles mean this moody aesthetic couldn’t be more perfect.

Fall Trends For Gemini: Y2K All The Way

Geminis are known for their eccentricities, and no sign can better capture the absolute mayhem early 2000s fashion was. It doesn’t get much more Y2K than Cider’s Cut-Out Dress ($18, Cider). This piece is straight out of 13 Going On 30. All you need are some butterfly hair clips, and you’ll be a fashionable blast from the past.

Fall Trends For Cancers: Knitwear All Day, Every Day

There’s no better feeling in the world to a Cancer than being wrapped up in blankets, pillows, and Squishmallows. Sadly, you can’t leave the house with all of that, but luckily, knitwear is already trending hard in 2021. A set like Missguided’s Blue Cardigan and Shorts ($26, Missguided) keeps you feeling cozy while still looking put-together.

Fall Trends For Leo: Shine Bright Like A Diamond

When it comes to Leos, no one believes in your star power more than you do. By casually wearing sequined and shimmering clothes, you’ll look every part the diva you are. Ultamodan US’ Sequin Turtleneck ($35, Ultamodan US) is simple enough (relatively speaking) to be paired with most of your wardrobe so you can glimmer all day and night.

Fall Trends For Virgo: Sweater Vests Are A Yes

Since you’re the most practical sign in the zodiac, you’re in need of a sweater vest. It’s sophisticated but still modern, so you can look like the serious person you are while being trendy. The cropped fit of Zaful’s Vest ($10, Zaful) will also go perfectly with your favorite, wide-leg jeans.

Fall Trends For Libra: Romance For The Ages

Ruled by Venus, Libras possess a deeply romantic nature. Lean wayyyy into that feeling with a regencycore blouse. From the sweet look to the billowing feel of ASOS’ Structured Top ($40, ASOS) against your arms, Libras won’t be able to get enough of how picture-perfect this look makes them feel.

Fall Trends For Scorpio: A Whole Monochromatic Mood

Scorpios love appearing polished, pristine, and sensual, which is why a monochromatic ‘fit is the fall trend for you. It allows you to toss on something you can feel confident in without needing to spend hours hemming and hawing over your closet.

Fall Trends For Sagittarius: Overalls Over Everything

Despite being a fire sign with a restless nature, Sagittarians take a chill approach to their wardrobes — it needs to be able to adapt with them to any wild activity, after all. Therefore, overalls are going to become your next favorite fall staple. They’re cozy, relaxed, and go great with your wanderlust attitude.

Fall Trends For Capricorn: Go Down To The Tennis Skirts

Capricorns are married to their basics, but that doesn’t mean your basics have to be boring. Enter: a new tennis skirt. The spandex material of Halara’s 2-in-1 Skirt ($28, Halara) means you can rock a look that’s equal parts stylish, comfy, and practical — a Capricorn’s true nature.

Fall Trends For Aquarius: Up The Whimsy

As the rebels of the star signs, Aquarians don’t play by anyone’s rules. For someone as daring and unique as you, whimsy fall ‘fits are just what the doctor ordered. Adding some feathers, fringe, or tulle to your wardrobe staples, like Anthropologie’s Ruffled Tee ($68, Anthropologie), lets you show off your eccentricity in the coolest ways.

Fall Trends For Pisces: Living For Lavender

The color that’s defining fall 2021 is lavender, and it’s just so Pisces. Ever a softee, you love to keep things light and just a little mysterious — the crystal-clear embodiment of lavender. This color won’t be a major jump from your usual pastel palette, but it sure will be a fun, on-trend addition.

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