Nailed It
Maddy (and her green nail art) on her birthday on 'Euphoria' Season 2.

Ranking The Best Euphoria Season 2 Nail Art From So Good To Soul Mate

There were so *mani* to choose from, I can’t deal.

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So much can be said about how unrealistic Euphoria is, as a whole. IMHO, the most unrealistic thing about the drama is that no one breaks their over-the-top acrylics — but I’m still envious. To commemorate the best of the best, here’s a definitive ranking of the Euphoria Season 2 nail art:

10. Maddy’s Metallic Mani

In Season 2, Episode 3, Maddy was working to keep Nate "out of sight, out of mind." While her metallic mani would be unforgettable in regular high school, it doesn’t compare to the more enviable looks in East Highland High throughout the season.

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