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Cassie Dominated Euphoria’s Season 2, Episode 3 Fashion & Beauty Looks

Did you catch that Oklahoma-inspired outfit?

Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

If you want to talk about overwhelming, a lot happened in Euphoria Season 2, Episode 3 , and, yes, there are spoilers ahead. Cassie’s spiral continues, Lexi not only wrote a play but is ready to stage it, and Rue’s relapse is reaching disastrous new heights. But amidst all the drama and poor decision-making, Euphoria’s fashion and beauty looks remained at an all-time high.

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even when dressed for comfort, Jules still brings a fresh look. For her heart-to-heart with Rue, the teenager rocked a graphic hoodie covered in artistic renditions of cryptids.

Courtesy of HBO