Hot Topic and Disney's Mickey Mouse Halloween Candy Corn Stripe Girls Open Cardigan.
8 Dupes For The Adorable, Sold-Out Disney Candy Corn Cardigan

It's a little corny, but it's freakin' adorable.

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Once September rolls around, it’s an all-out rush to get to Halloween. Luckily enough, Hot Topic created a must-have cardigan for the season that adds a little extra sweetness to last from now ‘til All Hallow’s Eve. Teaming up with Disney, Hot Topic created the Mickey Mouse Candy Corn Cardigan ($55, Hot Topic), an open cardigan with all the Halloween-y details you could ever want. Unfortunately, it’s currently sold out, but you shouldn’t lose hope entirely. Even though you can’t run to the store (or shop online) to get yours right now, you can try out one of these dupes to satisfy your candy-colored fall fashion craving.

It’s not hard to see why this sweater is so popular. The vibrant orange, yellow, and white stripes mimic the most iconic Halloween candy of all time, and the sleeves feature a collection of large patches that detail a vampiric Mickey and Minnie Mouse, ghosts, spiderwebs, and bats. It’s spooky, it’s bright, it’s adorable.

At this point, according to a post on Hot Topic’s Instagram, the restock won’t be happening in straight sizes until after Oct. 31. However, the Disney Halloween Cardigan ($60, Hot Topic) is still available in plus sizes up to 5X, so you’re not entirely out of Mickey Mouse luck. If you’re still on the hunt for this sweater, have no fear. Below you’ll find some of the best dupes for Disney and Hot Topic’s Halloween cardigan.

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Get the exact cardigan by shopping Hot Topic’s plus-size option. It’s the whole package. There are pockets, patches, and it’s soft to the touch. Even just the picture makes this sweater look like something you could get lost in with a cup of hot cocoa.

To get your Mickey Mouse-fill, there’s also Torrid’s Mickey Mouse Vampire Cardigan ($70, Torrid). This sweater has similar patches that feature candy corn, stars, and Disney’s icon in a unique pattern. It also has a hood for added ~mystery~.

CopperBoomCraftShop’s a five star-rated shop on Etsy, so you know you’ll fall in love with its Candy Corn Cardigan ($40, Etsy). The pattern is easily identifiable as candy corn without a lot of bells and whistles, and if your love of all things spooky and scary runs all year round, you’re in luck: This is a cardigan you can wear all the way through spring.

ModCloth’s Candy Cardigan ($69, ModCloth) is as witchy as you can get. There are crooked hats, black cats, and boiling cauldrons. This cardigan also has funky, vintage patterns, like zigzags and polka dots, to make it look like you’re straight out of a ‘90s sitcom’s Halloween special.

If you came for the chunky, candy-corn stripes of Hot Topic’s cardigan, you’ll love Unique Vintage’s Knit Sweater ($48, Unique Vintage). It doesn’t get much cozier than the ribbed cuffs, relaxed torso, and shortened hemline. Who doesn’t love a crewneck sweater for fall?

While you’re waiting for the Great Pumpkin, you’ll want Halloween Costume’s Sweater ($40, Halloween Costumes). There’s a countless amount of pumpkins on this sweater, and they make up the main graphic; they’re the polka dots. Nothing makes your love of pumpkin spice season as clear as this sweater will.

It doesn’t get cuter than one jack-o’-lantern offering another jack-o’-lantern a cake with bats in the background. Gothic Babe’s Happy Halloween Sweater ($69, Gothic Babe) comes in either mustard or black to fulfill your fall color story fantasy. The cuffed sleeves also give you the coveted oversized, puffy-sleeved look.

There’s no spookier, scarier skeleton than your own, and you can show that off to everyone with Romwe’s Skeleton Pattern Sweater ($22, Romwe). You don’t even have know all of the bones to have a humorous time.

The Hot Topic and Disney cardigan may be sold out, but there’s still so much spooky, cozy wear out there for the taking.

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