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Photo taken in Novorossiysk, Russia

These Are The Colorful Eye Makeup Looks You NEED To Try This Summer

Taste the rainbow? I am the rainbow.

Ruslan Ivanov / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

There is never a bad time to wear a full-face of vibrant makeup. Although I am of the belief that you can never wear too much color, these following colorful makeup looks and tutorials will help you make sure your beat looks as glamorous and chic as possible. Whether you’re searching for a challenge or just want an easy, quick look, there’s a how-to for you.

Hiraman/E+/Getty Images

You don’t have to use your entire eyeshadow palette to get a colorful beauty look. Makeup artist Ohemaa only used orange and yellow in her easy-to-follow tutorial. The result? Vibrant and beautiful.