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These Are The 5 Beauty Accessories You Won't Wanna Live Without

Say hello to your new signature scent and the only razor you'll ever want to use again.

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Although they’re different from most beauty products in the traditional sense, your go-to nail polish, your favorite fragrance, and your holy grail lip balm are just as much a part of your beauty routine as anything else. You’d probably give up a serum or eyeshadow palette before you’d give up your deodorant, right? Right. That’s what made the search for 2021’s best beauty accessories as part of Elite Daily’s 2021 Glow Beauty Awards so difficult. Despite the name of the category, these five winners are far from disposable add-ons and outperformed their hundreds of opponents in our awards testing process.

Our winner for best deodorant offers a refreshing look at the evolution of sustainable beauty. The best new fragrance of 2021 could very well become the next Chanel No. 5. And I am 100% confident that the best new grooming product will completely change the game for people who shave. With these winners, you won’t just find personal care products to round out your self-care routine. You’ll find the future of beauty, too — the types of innovations that add a level of convenience to your life you can feel good about, with the results to back ‘em up.

As you’re curating a routine that matches the beauty vibe you’re carrying into the fall, make sure you leave room for 2021’s best new deodorant, razor, nail polish, fragrance, and lip balm. You’ll be ready to buy them faster than you can add them to your cart.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Elite Daily's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.


Best New Deodorant:

Dove 0% Aluminum Refillable Deodorant
Dove 0% Aluminum Refillable Deodorant

With this new creation, Dove is making active steps toward a more sustainable future in beauty. The 0% Aluminum Refillable Deodorant ($14.99, Target) consists of a removable deodorant insert and a stainless steel component you need only purchase once. “It's effective, the formula is not sticky, it's thin, it smells nice, and it has the coolest packaging I've ever encountered for a deodorant,” said one tester. Once you make it through the deodorant, remove and recycle the insert and purchase a refill, which is packaged in 98% recycled plastic. This deo is also sturdy, compact, and will stave off odor for up to 48 hours.


Best New Grooming Product:

Gillette Venus Radiant Skin Razor
Radiant Skin Razor
Gillette Venus

If you’re someone who prefers to shave, it is with great honor that I introduce you to what might just be the best razor of all time: Gillette Venus’ Radiant Skin Razor ($39.99, Gillette Venus), the unanimous winner for this category’s testers. While other razors skimp on blades and only feature a tiny strip of “moisturizer” (if you can even call it that), this five-blade baby has changed the game forever. It comes with a refillable Olay moisturizer tube that dispenses product just under the blades with the push of a button. Meaning: you can moisturize and shave at the same time and emerge with the softest skin of your life.


Best New Nail Polish:

JINsoon Palma

There are green nail polishes, and then there’s JINsoon Palma ($18, JINsoon). Part of the JINsoon x Suzie Kondi collection (inspired by the work of Mexican architect Luis Barragan), Palma is a vibrant, rich shade of true green that mimics the lush hues of foliage. It’s a stunning transitional shade that works across seasons, and the formula is chip-proof, vegan, cruelty-free, and devoid of harsh chemicals.


Best New Perfume:

Valentino Voce Viva
Valentino Voce Viva

Valentino pulled out every stop leading up to its release of Voce Viva ($130, Sephora) — including inviting Lady Gaga to front the dreamy campaign. Rarely do fragrances, IMO, live up to such hype, but Voce Viva didn’t do just that — it surpassed it. Our four fragrance testers raved about this perfume, noting everything from the carefully considered, beautiful packaging to the versatility of the scent, to its overall staying power. The scent is so universally intoxicating, I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes the new It Fragrance of the next few decades.


Best New Lip Balm:

Glory Skincare Glory Lip Duo
Glory Lip Duo
Glory Skincare

Only when you exfoliate dead skin off your lips can you truly achieve lasting smoothness and hydration. With its Cocolippy Scrub and Cocobliss Hydrating Lip Balm, Glory Skincare’s Glory Lip Duo ($36, Glory Skincare) gives you everything you need to achieve just that. The scrub gently sloughs off dead skin and kickstarts hydration with shea butter, and then the balm delivers another dose of shea butter alongside vitamin E, an antioxidant that penetrates deep into skin to moisturize, heal, and prevent UV damage.