The Best Korean Sheet Masks

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My love for Korean beauty goes deep. Back in 2015, I traveled to South Korea for the sole purpose of hitting the beauty shops of Seoul’s Myeong-dong district, and I brought back an entire suitcase filled with sheet masks, along with other ingenious Korean beauty products. Suffice to say, I’ve tried a lot of Korean sheet masks in my time — and it’s with that in mind that I’m going to help you pick one out for yourself. The best Korean sheet masks vary according to skin concern, so if you’re only looking to purchase one type of mask, you’ll want to narrow down your primary skin goals (e.g. brightening, pore-clearing, hydrating, et cetera) and take it from there. Personally, though, I recommend buying a variety pack so you can sample different types of masks — and once you’ve gone through them all, you can keep repurchasing whichever one you liked best. Also, since our skin concerns tend to fluctuate due to things like weather, hormones, and the environment in which we find ourselves, it’s always good to have a variety of different treatments on hand.

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In a hurry? These are the top three best Korean sheet masks:

1. Best Value Pack: MEDIHEAL Sheet Mask Heroes

2. Runner Up: TONYMOLY I’m Real Sheet Masks

3. Best Natural Sheet Masks: Whamisa Organic Facial Mask Pack

1. Best Value Pack

When it comes to Korean sheet masks, it doesn’t get any more ubiquitous than MEDIHEAL, the country’s number-one sheet mask brand. This budget-friendly value pack allows you to sample six of the brand’s most popular offerings for less than $15 (or about $2 a pop). Included are two charcoal masks, two hydrating masks, a collagen mask, and a tea tree mask for when you experience your next breakout. Though super saturated, the masks aren’t so soaked in essence that it’ll drip down onto your neck and into your hair when you’re wearing them, and they don’t leave your face feeling sticky, either. If you’re sensitive to fragrance, you’ll also enjoy that these masks have a barely noticeable scent.

Material Cotton Key Ingredients Assorted Cruelty-Free No

Relevant review: “I love Mediheal masks and was thrilled to be able to try a large variety without committing to buying a large amount of any one particular one. This is a great sampler pack for those just getting into Mediheal or sheet masks in general.”

2. Runner Up

TONYMOLY is one of the most popular Korean beauty brands to have made their way Stateside, and they make very solid, affordable sheet masks. Try out 10 of their most popular treatments from their best-selling I’m Real line with this set from Amazon, which, at $26 for the lot, breaks down to about $2.60 per mask. Each mask is drenched in either a “Water-type,” “Micro-Emulsion Type,” or “Milky Lotion Type” essence, and they all feature a different hero ingredient (like pumpkin, avocado, lemon, pearl, and even red wine). Though each ingredient offers some sort of unique, targeted benefit, all of these masks will leave your skin feeling nourished and soft.

Material Cloth Key Ingredients Assorted Cruelty-Free Yes

Relevant review: “I received all the shown products and couldn’t be happier! They’re moisturizing and they each have a delightful AND ACCURATE smell for each mask. 10/10 and great for gifts!”

3. Best Natural Sheet Masks

I hate to use the term “natural” in regards to skin care products, but considering that this mask is made of real sea kelp soaked in an essence comprising entirely naturally derived ingredients, I’ll allow it in this case. It’s absolutely loaded with good-for-skin botanicals and marine ingredients, many of which are rich in vitamins and antioxidants (like sea kelp and natto gum — honestly, you could almost eat this mask). The essence has an aloe base, and skin care superstars like camellia oil, centella asiatica extract, oat kernel extract, chlorella, and royal jelly all show up on the INCI list. At $40 for five treatments, it’s definitely a splurge, but these unique, nutrient-packed masks are definitely worth it.

Material Sea Kelp Key Ingredients Sea Kelp, Aloe Leaf Extract, Natto Gum Cruelty-Free Yes

Relevant review: “This is the best face mask I’ve ever used. It’s like a facial in a mask that only takes 20 mins. Genius idea to make a mask out of soothing pure kelp! I’ve been even gifting this item to friends and they all agree it’s [amazing!]”

4. These Indulgent Sheet Masks Made With Diamond Powder

If you’re a little bit extra, these diamond sheet masks are for you. They’re made by SNP, another one of Korea’s most popular sheet mask brands, and feature real diamond powder to brighten and illuminate your skin. (The other hero ingredient in here is hyaluronic acid, which helps your skin attract and retain moisture.) Other equally luxurious masks worth trying are the brand’s black pearl, gold, and jade masks, or you can go for the $25 variety pack and get a couple of each.

Material Cellulose Key Ingredients Diamond Power, Hyaluronic Acid Cruelty-Free Yes

Relevant review: “I absolutely love this mask. First of all it moisturizes and plumps your skin in such a way that is noticeable as soon as the mask is removed. It also is very effective at brightening and evening out the tone of your skin. The value is phenomenal. You can’t find a more effective mask at this price point anywhere. [...]”

5. These Nourishing Sheet Masks Made With Propolis & Honey

Papa Recipe’s Bombee sheet masks are a cult favorite among K-beauty circles and r/AsianBeauty Redditors. Personally, I like any product that contains propolis or honey (what can I say — bee-derived ingredients work wonders for my skin), which is what initially made me so excited about trying this mask. In addition to the ingredients, I like that this mask is very thin, so I find that it adheres to my face better without the risk of slipping off. Once you take it off, you’ll notice immediate results — and your skin won’t feel sticky, heavy, or greasy.

Material Not Disclosed Key Ingredients Propolis, Honey, Hyaluronic Acid Cruelty-Free Yes

Relevant review: “My secret beauty product. Most amazing thing I’ve discovered. It hydrates my skin, evens out the tone, makes pimples go away and not return, reduces my pores, makes redness decrease and makes my face glow without bare minerals or any other makeup. The effects of one mask lasts a long time too. Cost is so inexpensive compared with high end skincare lines. Use this mask once a day or every other day and you’ll agree.”

6. A Box Of 30 Sheet Masks That Are Perfect For Daily Use

Some people like to incorporate a sheet mask into their daily skin care routine; if you’re one of those people, you want this box full of sheet masks from DEWYTREE. The dispenser-type box comes with a pair of tweezers embedded into the top, which is what you’ll use to extract your mask. And there are 30 of them, all made of a substantial, cotton-like material and absolutely drenched in essence. The Moisture Full masks are made with skin-plumping collagen, barrier-repairing ceramides, and nourishing sunflower seed oil — perfect for those with dry skin — though you can also get a box of the brand’s calming, de-puffing, and hydrating masks.

Material Not Disclosed Key Ingredients Ceramides, Collagen Cruelty-Free Not Disclosed

Relevant review: “I have very positive experiences with DEWYTREE, and this product definitely hit the marks! I love wearing sheet masks every so often and having one where I don't have to rip off a package and create more waste is so much better. I like how it comes with a secure box and a tool to pick up each mask without having to use your hands. As for the masks itself, it is very moisturizing! I have eczema-prone skin, so a lot of things make me itchy, but not this! Really great masks and storage!”

7. Best For Gift-Giving

I love popping a sheet mask or two into gift bags for my friends when birthdays and holidays roll around (along with other small presents like candy, bath salt sachets, and a nice lipstick). With their super-cute, milk carton-inspired packaging, these A’pieu sheet masks are an especially perfect choice for gift-giving. In case you couldn’t already tell, the key ingredient in these masks is milk, which is actually rich in vitamins, protein, and lactic acid — all things that are amazing for your skin. Each mask is further broken down by a milk flavor, which represents the primary extract that’s used in the formula to provide a specific benefit (e.g. strawberry extract brightens, cacao extract gently exfoliates, green tea soothes, et cetera).

Material Cotton Key Ingredients Milk Cruelty-Free Not Disclosed

Relevant review: “These masks leave your skin feeling so soft and refreshed! The sheets are very milky in the beginning but after about 15 minutes, you can feel the milk seep into your skin. Once you take off the mask, you notice a visible glow! Definitely worth the price!”

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