Best heel protectors for grass

The 5 Best Heel Protectors For Grass, According To Shoppers

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Many heel styles don’t mesh well with grass: They can sink into the soil and get stuck, leaving them caked in dirt and you shaky on your feet. Fortunately, the best heel protectors for grass allow you to wear your favorite stilettos outdoors, even when the ground beneath you is a wet lawn. In order to be effective, heel protectors will feature a wider base to keep you steady on grass and other uneven surfaces. (As a plus, some protectors will incorporate an anti-slip surface on the base, which can help you strut with more confidence.) They also have discreet designs that won’t be obvious from afar, and they come in various sizes for different heel widths so you’re guaranteed a Cinderella-like fit.

Since heel protectors are designed primarily for support, the best ones shouldn’t draw too much attention from your shoes. Instead, they should have a supportive base without looking bulky or distracting. Many are transparent to better match a range of shoe colors, though I’ve also included a great option for black-hued heels, too. Some designs work great with fabric-covered heels but some don’t — so reading the fine print is an extra precaution you should take if you’re shopping for protectors to use with those types of heels.

You’ll also want to make sure you select the heel protectors that are compatible with your shoes. Correctly sized protectors will be less likely to come off mid-wear — or worse, scuff or scratch your shoes. To find the perfect fit, use a ruler to measure the width of the heel where it meets the top piece. (Also sometimes referred to as a heel tip or top lift, the heel tip is the plastic or rubber part of the shoe that touches the ground; it’s often slightly narrower than the rest of the heel.) Then, cross-reference manufacturer size guides to make sure they offer one that’ll fit. Protectors come in a wide range of sizes, including ones designed to work with multiple heel widths.

Shop The Best Heel Protectors For Grass

In a hurry? Here are the best heel protectors for grass:

  1. The Overall Best Heel Protectors For Grass: GoGo Heel Protectors
  2. The Best One-Size Heel Protectors For Multiple Heel Widths: Secret Weapons High Heel Protectors
  3. The Best Value Pack Of Heel Protectors: PAMASE High Heel Protectors
  4. The Best Protectors For Black Heels: Solemates High Heel Protectors
  5. A Set Of Heart-Shaped Heel Protectors: Sunlit High Heel Protectors

With these heel protectors, you won’t have to swap out your footwear for flats or wedges if you don’t want to. Scroll down to check out the best heel protectors for grass on Amazon — which all happen to be $20 or less.

1. The Overall Best Heel Protectors For Grass


  • Have lots of reviews on Amazon
  • Can be used with fabric-covered heels


  • Sizing can be inconsistent, according to some reviewers

With over 2,000 reviews and a 4.4-star overall rating, GoGoHeel’s heel protectors are one of the most popular options on Amazon. They’re transparent and discreet, yet many reviewers have attested that they’re sturdy. The wide base is cut in the shape of a flower, which adds a touch of whimsy. It also has a textured surface for anti-slip support to provide traction when traversing grass or other uneven surfaces like cobblestone or rough pavement. The protectors are suitable for most heels, including fabric-covered ones, and come in four sizes. They come as a single pair, but you can also purchase them as a multi-pack with all four sizes.

One reviewer wrote: “These work great. I measured my heels as instructed and they went on without a problem and stayed on snugly. It made walking in heels much easier, especially in grass!”

Color: Transparent | Anti-slip surface: Yes | Available sizes: 4 (which can fit heel widths ranging from 6 to 13 millimeters)

2. The Best One-Size Heel Protectors For Multiple Heel Widths


  • A one-size-fits-most solution


  • Not made for fabric-covered heels

With these heel protectors, you can limit yourself to a single pair of protectors for multiple heels in your collection. That’s because each pair is designed for heel widths ranging from 6 to 13 millimeters. While they have somewhat of a bulkier profile than the first pair, their transparency also helps them look discreet when worn with shoes of different colors. And you might not actually mind if someone notices them since their sturdy base is shaped like a cute diamond. As a plus, they come in a drawstring pouch for easy storage between uses.

One trade-off: The manufacturer recommends against using the protectors with fabric-covered heels. While it doesn’t indicate exactly why, you might want to play it safe on that front.

One reviewer wrote: “This product saved my new shoes! I went to an outdoor wedding with grass and lots of gravel and my heels still look brand new. These heel covers slipped right onto my stilettos, and stayed on and then came off easily enough at the end of the night without doing any damage to my heels or the heel protectors. They are nice and sturdy and show no wear. I can definitely use them again and again.”

Color: Transparent | Anti-slip surface: No | Available sizes: 1 (which can fit heel widths ranging from 6 to 13 millimeters)

3. The Best Value Pack Of Heel Protectors


  • Budget-friendly


  • Might damage heels made with delicate materials

For less than $20, you’ll receive 18 pairs of heel protectors in this value pack. Each pack comes with three sizes — ideal when you want protectors for multiple pairs of heels, or as a party favor for guests during an outdoor event. They have a transparent color and inconspicuous design, and they also have a wide, textured base for anti-slip support. Just note that some reviewers have mentioned that their hard material isn’t ideal for delicate heels that you don’t want to risk scuffing.

One reviewer wrote: “I had my doubts, since they were pretty cheap, but they did the job at a recent outdoor wedding. The size options were perfect. The little net bags were charming, and our guests with heels really appreciated that they were available. They also allowed the bride to wear her special heels instead of resorting to flats.”

Color: Transparent | Anti-slip surface: Yes | Available sizes: 3 (which can fit heel widths ranging from 9 to 13 millimeters) included in each pack

4. The Best Protectors For Black Heels


  • Great for black heels
  • Suitable for wider heel widths measuring up to 14 millimeters


  • More noticeable on light-hued shoes

If you primarily wear black-colored stilettos, why not opt for these Solemates heel protectors in the same shade? One Amazon reviewer attested that they “look so much better with black heels than the clear Solemates.” Plus, the wide base is supportive yet delicate-looking so as not to take away from your shoes. The protectors feature a wide base to keep them from sinking into grass, so you can stand or walk on your heels with confidence. If you’re not keen on the black-colored protectors, they’re also available in a transparent version. Shop them in two sizes: Classic and Wide.

One reviewer wrote: “Bought these for my heels I wanted to wear for a wedding. They were perfect and I didn't sink in the grass at all. I wore them for a while after and before going on the grass and couldn't even tell they were there, both for me walking and others looking at my shoes.”

Color: Black | Anti-slip surface: No | Available sizes: 2 (which can fit heel widths ranging from 8 to 14 millimeters)

5. A Set Of Heart-Shaped Heel Protectors


  • Cute and functional design


  • Limited sizes

With their heart-shaped bases, these heel protectors are super romantic, and many reviewers have attested they’re perfect for nuptials. One reviewer gushed, “This is beautiful and slipped right on my wedding heel.” The heart-shaped bases have a textured surface, and while they’re transparent, they’re also speckled with light-catching, festive glitter. While the glitter flecks might not make them as discreet as some other options listed, many reviewers have agreed that they’re just as cute as they are functional.

These come in a pack of 10 pairs, which feature an even mix of small and medium sizes. You’ll have to be extra careful about measuring your shoes’ heel widths, though, since these only fit 9- and 11-millimeter styles.

One reviewer wrote: “These worked wonderfully. I bought these for my daughter's wedding so we could take pictures in a grassy area. They were great. We were able to leave them on and no one noticed.”

Color: Transparent | Anti-slip surface: No | Available sizes: 2 (which can fit heel widths ranging from 9 to 11 millimeters)

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