The Best Hairsprays For Color-Treated Hair

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To keep your color looking vibrant, choose hairsprays that aren’t too alcohol-heavy; or, use a hairspray that contains nourishing ingredients to counteract alcohol’s drying effects, suggests celebrity hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein, who spoke to Elite Daily for this article. She says that sprays with a lot of alcohol can take away much-needed moisture, and that in turn can contribute to color fading, so naturally, the best hairsprays for color-treated hair contain little to no alcohol, and do contain ingredients that help nourish and protect your hair.

Stylist Greg Starkman tells Elite Daily that gentler hairsprays “Won’t compromise the integrity of your hair by making it dry and brittle or deplete the hair’s natural moisture.” He says non-aerosol hairsprays are often a good choice, since they typically contain less propellants, synthetic polymers, and silicones that can build up on the hair shaft.

But don’t worry too much, Rubenstein advises. Whatever hairspray you use isn’t going to destroy your color so long as you’re treating your hair well with color-safe shampoos, conditioners, and the rest of your hair care products. “If you’re caring for your hair then go ahead and spray away!” she says. “No dry product should give you permanent damage if you’re conditioning, masking, and using nourishing [after-shower products] properly. Just stay at least 6 inches away from your hair with that spray or you’re just getting the aerosol and not any of the spray benefits.”

With that in mind, scroll on to shop five great hairsprays that won’t mess with your color, including two picks from the pros.

1. Expert’s Pick

Rubenstein says, “I absolutely LOVE GO365 Hairspray. It has an adjustable knob that allows you to change the level of hold. From light and flexible to strong hold. Often, I use multiple levels on one client depending on the look we’re trying to achieve.” The stylist adds that the the spray, which is made with glycerin and panthenol, also helps protect your hair from thermal damage, and it's safe for use on extensions as well as color-treated hair.

2. Writer’s Pick

I’m a big fan of everything from Pureology. Their products are non-drying and gentle, and as someone with thin hair who’s also prone to flyaways, I find their lineup does a good job of keeping my hair looking and feeling soft, bouncy, and healthy. One of their excellent products is this strong hold hairspray, which was made specifically for people who color their hair. Thanks to the olive oil in the formula, there’s plenty of added shine and hydration, which is helpful for counteracting any dryness or stickiness that some firm hold sprays can cause.

3. Another Great Hairspray Made For Color-Treated Hair

Color Wow Cult Favorite hairspray was, like the Pureology spray, made with color-treated hair in mind. It contains hydrolyzed keratin and hydrolyzed silk to smooth and strengthen hair, and the hold has a nice, non-sticky feel to it. This hairspray is designed to prevent any yellowing or clouding of your color, and it also offers UV protection to further help prevent your color from fading.

4. Best Alcohol-Free Hairspray For Color-Treated Hair

Alcohol-free hairsprays can be hard to find, since the ingredient is commonly-used as a fast-drying solvent in hairsprays, but Honeybee Gardens Herbal Mint Hair Spray is a gentle, non-aerosol, alcohol-free option that still offers plenty of hold. This peppermint-scented spray comes from a PETA-certified cruelty-free brand, and it’s made with nourishing glycerin and panthenol, as well as hydrolyzed soy protein, chamomile, grape seed, and sunflower extract, the latter of which is an ingredient that Rubenstein says is helpful for UV protection.

5. Best Hairspray For Color-Treated Hair Under $10

Andalou Naturals shine-enhancing hairspray brightens and conditions hair while it sets your style with medium hold. The formula isn’t at all drying, thanks to the generally gentle ingredients list that starts with moisturizing aloe and hydrolyzed rice protein. It’s also full of fruity, floral extracts derived from sunflower, chamomile, lavender, and white tea leaf, and it contains no silicones, which can weigh hair down and make color appear dull over time.

6. Bonus: The Expert’s Own Hairspray For Color-Treated Hair

I Create Finish comes from Starkman’s company, Innersense Organic Beauty. His spray contains organic honey and sucrose, which Starkman says is helpful both for adding moisture and for giving your hair a silky feel. The lavender-scented pray also contains other good-for-hair botanicals like aloe, rice proteins, eucalyptus, and ginkgo biloba. It offers lightweight hold and makes a nice final step to add shine and reduce unwanted frizz, without adding any heaviness or weight to even fine, thin hair types.


Celebrity hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein

Stylist Greg Starkman, Founder/CEO Innersense Organic Beauty